Online Earnings: January 2017

Gonna go straight to it. I made $205.32. Happy with that as I wanted to make more than I did in December ($180.71), plus $200 was my preferred target.


(amount in brackets is the currency in which it was received) 

Proofreading: $195.36

Swagbucks: $6.25 (£5.00) (read review)

Pinecone Research: $3.71 (£3.00) (read review)

Proofreading’s how I mostly make money online. It’s been the case for a few years now.

I stopped using Swagbucks a long time ago, but logged in one day to find I had enough points to request a £5.00 PayPal payment. I have a few active referrals to thank for that.

I’ve been using Pinecone Research for some years. I receive a survey or two each month, and there are months when I receive nothing, but I always qualify for a survey when I receive one. Of all the survey sites I’ve used over the years, Pinecone’s the one I’ve stuck with the longest.


Plans for February

I’d like to make more than I did last month. I’m at $81.61 at the mo’. It’s possible to surpass last month’s earnings if I make $10 a day for the rest of the month. Proofreading can make me that if I organise my time better and focus more.

I also want to add a few other ways to earn online, add more variety. Proofreading’s getting monotonous.

I said I was going to get back into testing (specifically uTest), which I haven’t. I should, especially as there’s money to be made there.

Also want to add another survey site, Prolific Academic. It pays fairly well and the surveys aren’t boring.

If I can juggle those three, I should be able to make more over the coming months.


I’ve Made Over $3000 On This Proofreading Site!

Do you consider yourself to have a good grasp of English grammar/flow with an eye for spotting typos? Do you tend to be on the computer/internet quite a lot?

Well, hello there! *waves* *schmiles*

I’ve been doing proofreading work that’s been making me some part-time income. 

I joined the site in question in June 2014 and since then, I’ve made over $3000.

I log on when I want, and can work from anywhere with an internet connection (I got to test this out late last year when I travelled to the US and Africa).

It’s very much a part-time income. In the time I’ve been using it, the most I’ve made in a month is $366, and that’s because an additional proofreading role was created (which no longer exists).

Take away that role, the most I’ve made in a month is $250.

I’m pretty much on the computer all day, so the work suits me. I can do it alongside other stuff.

The workflow isn’t constant; there are busy times and there are quiet times. However, the site mentions when the busy times are likely to be.

I can’t truly quantify the time I spend for the money I get (though I’ve tried), because the workflow isn’t constant. All I know is that, most times, I’m able to cash out $10 by the end of the day, and sometimes $20. I, however, don’t spend all day on it. If I’m logged on and work comes in, I do it (if I want to), then do other things ’til something else comes.


More info about the site…

I have a post (password protected) that goes into detail about the site including screenshots, proof of payments received, and tips.

If you’d like to access the post, please send a PayPal payment of $3.00 to me (at) getpaidtofart (dot) com, then email me for the password. (* Price goes up to $5.00 from Jan 21st).

I have to reiterate: because it’s proofreading/light editing, your English has to be pretty good. If you’re not confident that it is, please don’t waste your money.


If you’re interested and feel you’re qualified, what you’ll be paying for is:

– the information/knowledge I share about the site.

– the time I put into writing the post (over 1500 words) and putting screenshots together.

– further support I may be able to offer you if the site accepts you.

What you are not paying for is:

– a guarantee you’ll be accepted by the site when you apply. I cannot guarantee that.


The information shared in the password-protected post is unique…

I’m yet to come across a write-up about the site, or indeed one from a worker’s perspective.

If you have questions, please leave a comment below.

(UPDATE – Feb 2017: It’s recently come to my attention that you need a CV/resume to join the site. This wasn’t the case when I joined back in 2014. I only had to take a short test. Please bear this in mind and have a resume handy.)

Peace and pizza(z)… 🙂

Miss Eb.

2016: Total Online Earnings

So, I had a feeling I’d made more in 2016 than the previous year. And I was right!

2015, my total was $1811.95.

2016, my total was $3173.11!

Reason for my lower earnings in 2015 is I lost interest in proofreading work. Looking at my 2015 spreadsheet, there were six months in which, from month to month, my proofreading earnings were either very low or zero.

I put much more effort into proofreading last year, making $1884.43, compared to $943.07 in 2015. That’s about double the difference.

Proofreading was my highest earner and has been for the past two/three years. If you’d like to know about the site where I’ve been making money proofreading, I have a post about it. Goes into some detail about it, along with screenshots, proof of payments and tips. Email me for access. Costs $3.00. Payable via PayPal. Price goes up to $5.00 from Jan 21st. / It might be useful to read this other post first. Old post but mostly relevant).

My second highest earner last year was slot wins (cumulative: $655.48). I personally don’t recommend it, especially if one considers themselves to have an addictive personality. However, I do respect anyone’s right to do so, make their own choice about it, if they’re of age. / I’ve pulled right back on it and haven’t played for a while. Gambling is something I’ve struggled with for some time, so that total, though nice, is bitter sweet.

Right, my earnings breakdown (p.s.: some were received in pounds, but with my calculations, it’s just easier for me to stick to one currency):

 – Proofreading: $1884.43

 – Slots: $655.48

 – Spare 5: $193.86

 – Testing ( $169.58

 – Misc: $145.72 (various random stuff including Clickworker and one-off online assistance)

 – Surveys: $74.42 (includes Pinecone Research, Viewsbank and Prolific Academic)

 – GPTs (get-paid-to sites): $49.62 (incl. Gift Hunter Club, Swagbucks and Clixsense)


Plans for 2017…

Focus: Proofreading. Testing.

Proofreading: Utilise the site I use more effectively, so that I’m making the most that I can from it.

Testing: Go back to Haven’t used it in a good while. There’s money to be made there.

Make both sites work for me, basically. Get into a rhythm. Fine tune.


This year, it’s time for me to adult where my financial health and responsibility is concerned. I’m not going to enjoy it at times. I’m gonna wanna run. But it’s time. I deserve better.


Miss Eb.

Online Earnings: November/December 2016

I was away for part of November and December. Though I planned to work while away, I knew I wouldn’t make as much as I could in November. December was more challenging (and frustrating) as I didn’t have reliable internet access for about three weeks.

As such, I made $180.71 in November and $166.38 in December.

Earnings Breakdown: Nov ($180.71)

(any amount in brackets is the currency in which it was received) 

 – Proofreading: $129.64

 – Online assistance: $30.73 (£25.00)

 – The Money Shed Forum prize: $12.51 (£10.00) / (The Money Shed’s forum is really good/helpful re: making money online. I’ve been a member for a year or two. In the Earn Money Online section, there’s a moneymaking challenge every month where you declare how much you want to make and post earning updates. It’s just a way of people supporting each other/keeping each other going. | Last year, for some months, there were monthly cash prizes given to members (chosen randomly) who were part of the challenge. I won a prize in November 🙂 )

 – Pinecone Research: $3.68 (£3.00) (read review)

 – Blog post about where I make money proofreading: $3.00 (email me for access. Price for access is going up to $5.00 from Jan 21st.)

 – Cashle/Points2Shop: $1.15 (read review)


Earnings Breakdown: Dec ($166.38)

 – Proofreading: $166.38

(That’s it. All the money I made in December was from proofreading.)


My next post will be a total and breakdown of my 2016 earnings. I don’t know if I made more than I did in 2015; I have a feeling I did. Guess I’ll find out soon enough. 🙂


Miss Eb.

Online Earnings: October 2016

I’m happy with what I made in October: $379.73. It’s my second highest-earning month. The highest was in September ($641.80), but half of that was because I won some money (though proofreading made up a big chunk too – $250.62).

Of the $379.73 I made last month, $278.70 was from proofreading. That’s the most I’ve made from proofreading this year, and the year before!

Earnings Breakdown ($379.73)

(any amount in brackets is the currency in which it was received) 

 – Proofreading: $278.70

 – Slots: $85.57 (£70)

 – Lucky Phone: $12.12 (£10.00)  / (Lucky Phone’s a lottery draw based on phone numbers (I think it’s only UK numbers). As well as a draw, you can collect points & cash out £10.00 when you reach 1000 points. Took me aaaages, but yeah, finally got it. I was thinking of not using the site after cashing out, but I seem to still be using it 🙂 )

 – Gift Hunter Club: $2.00 (read review)

 – Cashle/Points2Shop: $1.34 (read review)



I don’t think I’ll make as much this month as I’ll be busy with other things, especially in the last week. However, it would be nice to finish the month at $200 if I can. If not, that’s OK.