2017: Total Online Earnings

My earnings for 2017 came to
$4027.87. Pleased with that as it’s an improvement on 2016 ($3173.11) by about $850.


(Some were paid in pounds and euros, but most were paid in dollars. In sharing my total earnings, it’s just easier for me to put it all in dollars.)

 – Proofreading: $2335.98
 – Slots: $655.66
 – Short tasks: $532.54 (Clickworker, Hybrid, MTurk)
 – Writing: $212.22
 – Surveys: $147.28 (Pinecone Research, Onepoll, Prolific Academic, Enroll)
 – PingPong: $61.11 (read review)
 – GPTs: $24.41 (Swagbucks, Gift Hunter Club, Points2Shop)
  NiceTalk: $22.83 (conversational English app)
 – Appen: $16.97
 – The Money Shed: $12.87 (Moneymaking forum. I won £10 in a draw.)
 – uTest (testing site): $6.00

Proofreading: My top earner in 2017 (as in previous years). Plus it was an improvement on the previous year. / This year, when the company I used to proofread for folded (in May), I didn’t know if I’d be able to sustain the income I’d been making through them. I ended up making more.

Slots (gambling): Though I was blessed with a big slot win (in November), it was one of the last times I played. I don’t want to go back to it as it’s not the best thing for someone like me. So appreciative of the win, though, because it really helped.

Short tasks: I don’t plan on doing much of that this year, but never say never. If I find a site where there’s a fairly steady stream of tasks available to me, with OK pay, then I’ll likely jump on it.

Writing: After moving on from freelance writing some years ago, I decided to get back into it late last year. It was a personal decision and a money one.

Surveys: I won’t be doing much of those this year.

PingPong: I like PingPong. I hope I get more sessions with them this year.

GPTs: I reached the end of the road with GPT sites some years ago. Most of the earnings this year were from referrals.

NiceTalk: I liked this app because I could just talk to folks whose English wasn’t their first language and get paid for it. I didn’t get that many calls, but on the other hand, I wasn’t that focused on the app. The app stopped working for me one day and I chose to delete it. The end.

Appen: Occasionally, I get work from Appen. The one I got paid for was an audio-based task.

 The Money Shed: A forum about making money (mostly online). In the Earning Money Online sub-forum, there’s a monthly ‘Moneymaking challenge’ thread where everyone’s welcome to set themselves a challenge to make a certain amount of money. Throughout the month, you post your earnings update in the thread. At the end of every month, there’s a prize draw where a few people win £10.00.

uTest: I barely used uTest last year. I really should as I think I could make some good money there if I focus. I had a mental block when it came to using it. Need to break through it because on the other side of that block is…MONEY! 🙂


So those are my earnings for 2017. I hope to make much more this year. I need to, so I’mma need more than hope.

Whatever your desires and plans are to earn online this year, I hope they all come to fruition.

Peace and pizza, y’all,

Miss Eb.

Online Earnings: June to December 2017

I started writing this post at 2.33 am when I was tired and schleepy.

Go figure. 

Buuuut the good thing is I went to bed having written most of it.

Yay, me. 🙂

Looking back on my monthly earnings

There were no significant changes in my monthly earnings (’til November). I mostly made $200-$300 a month. A few times, I almost made $400. However, in November, I made $926.70, and in December, I made $545.26.


A sizable portion of what I made in November came from playing slots. I made £500 ($655.66) from a £10 deposit. I’m grateful as it really helped with a couple of things. 

It’s bittersweet, though. Sweet for the win. Bitter as I’m managing/recovering from a gambling habit I’ve had for a while. The last time I played was Nov. and I don’t plan on playing again. It’s not to say the temptation won’t be there at times; I expect it to be.


I’m proud of myself for the amount I made this month. It’s the first time I’ve made over $500 in a long-ass while from online work. The last time was 2014.

I worked quite hard this month. The writing job I got earlier in the month helped. It was my second highest earner behind proofreading.

Earnings breakdown (Jun – Dec)

Jun: $168.26

Jul: $330.61

Aug: $73.56

Sept: $257.93

Oct: $308.01

Nov: $926.70

Dec: $545.26

Earnings breakdown (by what I did) (Jun – Dec)

 – Proofreading: $1271.18

 Slots: $655.66 (£500)

 – MTurk (short tasks): $301.04 

 – Writing: $212.22 (£158.60)

 – Surveys: $93.99 (£69.81) (Pinecone Research, Prolific Academic, OnePoll, Enroll)

 – PingPong (research site): $41.12 (37.94 eur) (read review)

 – GPTs: $15.02 (Swagbucks (read review), Points2Shop (read review))

 – The Money Shed win: $12.87 (£10.00)

 – Clickworker: $7.23 (6.30 eur)

– Proofreading has been my highest online earner for roughly four years, so it’s no surprise it’s at the top for Jun to Dec.

 – I rarely use MTurk these days, The $300+ was from when I was much more active.

 – I’ve been writing for three-and-a-half weeks. I’m happy with what I’ve made so far on the back of that.

 – I don’t do surveys that much. A huge chunk of it came from a £40.00 payout I finally reached for a site called Onepoll. Took me ages to reach it as I wasn’t using the site that often. I decided to push towards a payout. 

 – PingPong’s a research site. You have a video session with a researcher asking you your opinion about a product/website. These sessions are usually held on behalf of companies who want feedback about what they’ve created. You can read my PingPong review here.

 – I see myself making even less from GPTs next year.

 – The Money Shed is a forum about making money (mostly online). In the Earning Money Online sub-forum, there’s a monthly ‘Moneymaking challenge’ thread where everyone’s welcome to set themselves a challenge to make a certain amount of money. Throughout the month, you post your earnings update in the thread. At the end of every month, there’s a prize draw where a few people win £10.00.

 – Clickworker’s a short-task site I use from time to time.


That’s it. 🙂

Next post: 2017 earnings. 



It’s Been a While. Hello.

Haven’t updated this blog in a long-ass while, but didn’t think the last time was all the way back in June. Almost six months ago.

Hello. 🙂

Maybe it’s just as well it’s been this long, because it’s allowed me to look back on how I used to earn online back then and how I’ve earned online over recent months.

Back in May/June, most of my earnings were from proofreading. I still proofread, but in October, I started using MTurk.


MTurk is a task-based site owned by Amazon. The number and variety of tasks you get depend on if you’re a US resident or not. A significant portion of tasks are geared towards US folks. As my middle name is UK, I don’t have access to as many tasks, but I’ve managed to earn $400+ there since I buckled down and really started using it in October (I joined MTurk some years ago, but never really used it).

Unfortunately, Amazon MTurk only pays cash to those in the US or India (I’m not sure it’s still the case for those in India). Everyone else can only transfer their earnings to their Amazon.com gift card balance.

I found a way around that and am able to receive cash (via PayPal). I don’t get the equivalent of my earnings in cash, though. I lose a certain percentage of it in the exchange. So, though I’ve earned $400+ on MTurk, what I’ve actually received is 75% of that in cash. 

For me, it’s been worth that percentage, otherwise it’s a gift card balance. I’d much much muuuuch rather have cash.

(If you use MTurk, are a non-US user, and want to know how I swap my gift card balance for PayPal moolah, email me – me (at) getpaidtofart (dot) com – and I’ll break it down to you. Also PayPal me $3.00 ‘cos I ain’t sharing the info fo’ free. Bite me.)

If I lived in the US, I’d be rinsing out MTurk most days and making better money on there than I do. However, ’tis not the case.

Regardless who uses MTurk and where they’re from, it requires patience to use. You work your way up. There’s a lot to learn, and the more you learn, it puts you in a better position to earn.

The pay rates for the tasks range from downright depressing/disrespectful to reasonable to pleasant.

Freelance writing

I used to freelance write a long time ago, but stopped because I had some personal fears and resistance around it. I enjoy writing for myself, but the minute I’m asked to write for someone else, pressure, fear and self sabotage kick in.

Of all the moneymaking ways I’ve explored online over the years, freelance writing and proofreading have been the most rewarding (financially).

I recently decided to revisit freelance writing, face the fear/resistance I feel towards it. I’ve been standing in the way of money flowing to me in that way, leaving lots of cash on the table over the years, because the fear has been stronger than any amount I could ever make from it.

Last week, I saw a writing position, did some thinking and decided to face it, to stop running from the fear. I applied for the position and got the job the next day.

The pay could be better, but on a very personal note, there is just as much value to this for me as the money (though I really really appreciate the extra money flowing in). And that value is that…I did it. I’m doing it. I’m facing my fear. I’m dealing with the resistance. I’m sitting with the discomfort, the challenge of it. (On a deeper level, it’s not even about freelance writing at all)

I didn’t think I’d revisit freelance writing. I used to look at people who were doing it and envy and admire them, as well as the money they used to make, thinking it would never be me again.

I’m hesitant to say I’ve come back to that world, because the thought of a future of freelance writing is scary to me, but I understand that stems from the general fear I feel around it.

I’m proud of myself.



Now I’m writing for dough, I’m not sure how often I’ll use MTurk. I’ve barely used it since I started writing. Writing earns me more (and a lot quicker) than MTurk does, so we’ll see.

What I really want is flexible work, location-independent work, a sizable flow of assignments to choose from, and to earn a certain amount of money most days.

I think I need one or two more extra jobs to make that happen. Either that or with the current writing job, write three articles a day. I don’t have the capacity to do that every single day (fear or no fear).


Anyway, mama’s done here. My next post will be an update on my earnings between June and November.

Laters, peoples…


June has been verrrrry slow so far

It’s the 13th of June and to date, I’ve only made just over $30.00.

Not good.

Huge reason why: Losing the proofreading gig (the site shut down last month).

I did have a handful of new clients after the site closed, but they’ve been very quiet this month. I’ve also had a few potentials, but most are yet to follow through.

I haven’t been as proactive as I could be in the gig-searching department; I hold my hands up to that.

There’s an online tutoring opportunity I applied for, so fingers crossed, I get it.

I’m also looking at Appen for more work. I get the odd job from them from time to time, but I’m aware they have more regular work, so I’ve reached out. Hopefully, something good will come of it.

Also posted my proofreading service in a few Facebook groups.

Weird month for earning so far. And also quite boring.

Will be more active in looking for work.



PingPong (Research Site) (Includes Payment Proof)

I came across PingPong (via a Facebook group) about a month ago and decided to join. Looking for an additional way to earn, I thought I’d check it out.

PingPong is into research/feedback. Companies come to them to receive online feedback about their products from users like my fine self (and your wovly self too, of course).


Can anyone join?

I haven’t seen anything on their site excluding anyone, so I’m assuming anyone with a PayPal account can join. (There are some countries, however, where PayPal is a no-no, or where you can send money via PayPal but can’t receive via PayPal. My understanding is it’s a PayPal policy thingymejig, and not to do with a particular site.)


Sooo what happened after joining PingPong, lady?

I received notifications of tests soon after. Unfortunately, I either didn’t qualify for them or available slots had run out by the time I got there.

I’d say it was about a week or so after joining that I qualified for a test and got myself a slot. (It felt like a date!)

(I kid. I kid.)


The session

I did the test on 15th May. Really enjoyed it. The session was for half an hour and paid 20 Euros. It was live, via video call.


Payment, pweese

I got PayPal’d a week later. However, it was sent as a pending payment which cleared after a further week (May 31st). That was my only gripe as I thought after 7 days, what I received would be available immediately, and there was nothing on PingPong’s site to say that would happen. A PayPal fee was also subtracted, so I ended up with 18.97 Euros, not 20 Euros. (That part was mentioned on their site though, so it was my oversight.)


Did schomeone schay payment proof?


All in all

It was an enjoyable experience. I was a bit nervous, but got into the swing of it. It was laid back and I really just had to share what I honestly thought.

New sessions

I’m yet to receive notifications of new tests, but I think it’s a new site so it might take a while for them to get more clients. I do hope more sessions come my way in the future as it was a cool way to earn.