Online Earnings: August 2014

August was a rather good month in terms of it being the most I’ve made online in a month this year. I’ve made more than that in a month in the past, but that was last year, in January.

August Breakdown: $310.88

 – Proofreading: $174.66

 – Blog commenting: $95.80

 – Voice recording (Appen): $14.83

 – GPTs: $12.00 (Clixsense – $10.00; Gift Hunter Club – $2.00)

 – Crowdflower Elite (task-based site): $8.59

 – Pinecone Research (survey site): $5.00 (£3.00)


 – I’ve been doing quite a bit of proofreading. Started in June with one site. Then I found another client last month. Hence the significant increase in August compared to $72.00 in July.

 – The voice recording was a one-off gig with Appen. I’ve done the odd gig with the company in the past. I might get more work in the future.

 – I think I’m done with GPTs for now. Nothing wrong with them per se – just that I’ve been doing them less and less this year – losing interest, basically. Also, the increase in proofreading work kinda finalised it for me. I do have over 600 points in Swagbucks. I need 999 to cash out a £5 Paypal voucher. Once I’ve done that, that’ll be it.



It’s been so long since I’ve had a $500+ month. And it looks like it’s going to happen this month! The last time I managed that was Nov 2008. That was almost 6 years ago.

I’ve been capable of hitting $500+ months since then – just that I never found anything I was willing to stick with. I dipped in and out of freelance writing – lovely clients too – but my heart wasn’t really in it.

I do quite like proofreading, and I much prefer it to freelance writing. However, it’s a short-term pursuit.

Anyway, that’s that.

Hope you’ve all had a cool September, whatever it is you’ve been doing to earn online. Feel free to let Aunty Eb know what you’ve been up to :).

Miss Eb.


  1. Lily

    HI EB. What do you present before getting hired as a proofreader? I want to earn that much but I’ve been jobless for 2 months now.

    • miss eb.

      Hi Lily,

      I’ve only had a few proofreading gigs. For the ones I got, I sent a copy of my CV. I was then asked to proofread a sample.

      There’s more demand for writing than proofreading. So if you consider yourself to be strong in that area, you might want to look for writing opportunities too.

      take care…

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