It’s been a long-ass while (plus online earnings from July-October 2015)

Hiiiiii… 🙂

Been months since I posted here. I lost interest.

The longer I stayed away from the blog, the less interest I had in it.

I also hadn’t been that proactive with online money making, so there wasn’t much to blog about.

I also tend to pulse in and out of things. It’s in my nature.

So four months’ later and there you have it. 🙂

I can’t say I’m back. Just wanted to post an earnings update while the feeling’s there to do so.

Earnings – July to October: $465.14

Jul: $124.15

Aug: $148.37

Sept: $105.99

Oct: $86.63


 – Testing: $262.50 (uTest) (you get paid for testing sites and apps)

 – Surveys: $98.31 (Prolific Academic, Pinecone Research, Pure ProfileViewsbank, The Health Hub)

 – GPTs: $45.51 (Gift Hunter Club, Cashle/Points2Shop, Clixsense, CashCrate)

 – Proofreading: $45.10

 – Misc: $7.93 (Lucky Phone, Qmee) (Lucky Phone’s a lottery draw based on phone numbers. Qmee pays you to search.)

 – Proofreading post: $6.00 (I wrote a post about how proofreading was earning me money)


So that’s it :). I might be back here soon. I might not. Just gonna go with my flow.

Buh byeeee…

Miss Eb. 

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