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Update: How I’m Doing This Month In Ze Money-Online Department

Wanted to post an update over a week ago, but put in the wrong password and locked myself out of my blog!

Ho hum.

Anyway, I’m baa-aaack!

In terms of making more than I did last month, I’m doing pretty good. By around mid-month, I’d surpassed last month’s earnings which I’m pweesed about. I’m at $255 at the mo’, $50 more than I made the previous month.

And there are still 10 days of the month to go. 🙂

What’s responsible for how I’m doing this month:

 – Keeping some kind of pace with the proofreading.

 – Getting a new gig (various short tasks).

 – Pushing myself a bit more.

I’ve had more commitments since early last month, plus my sleeping pattern’s been wack, so I’m quite happy to be making more despite those factors.

Here’s to the rest of the month. Would like to finish at $400…because why the hell not? 🙂


Online Earnings Feb to Apr 2014…

I thought it’s time I updated this blog before it near enough forgets who I be. 🙂

I’ve been focused on other things, and even if I wasn’t, I tend not to want to force myself to do any updates when the interest isn’t really there.

I’ve still been earning online though, not loads, close to the same every month.

So, without further ado…

(clears throat)

Earnings Breakdown (feb-apr): $471.22…

Feb: $159.22

Mar: $144.57

Apr: $167.43

I’m not going to do a breakdown of each month, but I will do a breakdown of where it all came from over the above 3-month period. (any figure in brackets means it’s the currency in which it was received)

 – Blog commenting: $287.40

  Clixsense (ptc/gpt site): $83.56

 – Editing: $57.36

 – HealthHub (survey site): $11.65 (£7.00)

 – Viewsbank (survey site): $10.77 (£6.56)

 – Swagbucks (gpt site): $8.40 (£5.00)

 – Chatabout (paid-to-chat site): $5.00

 – Qmee (paid-to-search site): $2.55 (£1.54)

 – Appen (audio work): $2.53 ($2.74 AUD)

 – Gift Hunter Club (gpt site): $2.00

(read: Swagbucks review | Gift Hunter Club review)



– My interest in Clixsense waned last month, so I didn’t reach cashout there at all in April. The earnings you see are for Feb & March. / Task completion is how I earn a bulk of my money there. However, the task area’s undergone a major overhaul. As such, I’m not sure I’d be earning as much as I used to anyway had I worked through April. It’s not the reason I took time out from it though – lost interest just before the change – but I think it’s just as well.

– I can’t seem to find the link for HealthHub, but when and if I do, will share.


Plans For May…

I’m gonna get back to using Clixsense regularly — I won’t be setting an earning goal since the task area’s different. I’ll just see how I do this month.

Apart from that, it’ll be nice to have an extra gig this month. I already have a fairly new one with my existing client which I’m enjoying (re: editing). I’d like to get one more gig this month – one that I enjoy – and pays fairly well.


Hope y’all have a maaaarvellous May :-).


Miss Eb.