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Plan for April: Beast mode

I’m gonna get straight to it.

I want to have 30-dollar days online and I want it to be the norm.

Last month was good – average of $12.43 a day. It was also good because I had an initial target in mind and I met it. I also almost met my second target, $400.

But as much as I’m happy about that, and proud, I feel/know I’m capable of earning much more than that if I organise and apply myself, especially when I’ve been earning online for a while now.

This month, I want to do better.


Few weeks ago, I was thinking to myself, “I should be having 50-dollar days.” 

But, for now, $30’s what I’m aiming for.

I initially thought, “Let me aim for $20 a day”. Then I thought, “Go gentle. Aim for $15 a day”.

But today, I thought, “Fuck it. Let’s go for $30.”

Weekends are normally quiet online, so my plan is to aim for $30 a day on weekdays, and $10-$20 on weekends. In time, I’d like those weekends to be 30-dollar days too. 

I want to get in that $30-a-day head space, but I’m fine if I don’t hit $30 on a few weekdays. This month, let me just prove to myself that I can:

a) achieve it

b) achieve it more than once

c) achieve it a few times

d) a handful of times.

…enough to know that, “OK, that wasn’t a one off.” “Nope, that wasn’t a dream.” “Yes, you don’ hit that $30 jackpot again…and again…and again.” “Oooh, you’re getting good at this, gurl.”

I expect it’ll be challenging as I’ve never aimed for that much online in a day, with that much consistency – but I figure it’s like a muscle; in time, it’ll get easier and take less time and energy. My brain will be like, “Eek!”, and I’ll be like, “Nah, boo, we’re cool. You and me. We got this.”

Or I’ll be the one saying, “Eek!” and my brain, in the voice of Dumbledore, will say, “I believe in you, Ebele of Ebeledom. Now, go. Slayeth. Badassify.”


Wish me luck.

Actually, don’t wish me luck. 

Wish me energy. Wish me self belief. Wish me grrr’ness. Wish me Eye of the Tiger.

Thank you. 🙂

Here’s to an abundant April for us all. 🙂

Miss to the Eb, signing off.


Online Earnings: April & May 2016

April brought with it the least I’ve made in a month this year (so far). I made $176.29.

May was better ($249.48), but not as good as March ($305.93).


(any amount in brackets is the currency in which it was initially received)

April: $180.62

 Spare5: $77.37 (paid to complete short tasks on my phone or desktop. more info: Spare5 Webtasks | Spare5 on iOS)

 – Proofreading: $63.32

 – Testing: $13.75 (via uTest.com – pays to test sites & apps)

 Clickworker: $8.82 (7.98 euro) (task-based site)

 – Prolific Academic (survey site): $7.30 (£5.12)

 Swagbucks (gpt site): $4.33 (£3.00 Amazon gift card)

 – SurveyMad (gpt): $2.32

 Gift Hunter Club (gpt): $2.00 

 – Zurb/Enroll (quick surveys): $1.41


May: $249.48

 – Proofreading: $137.40

 – Appen (recording): $68.47 (97 AUD)

 Spare5: $17.31

 – Testing: $10.50 (uTest.com)

 – Clixsense (gpt): $7.92

 – Pinecone Research (survey): $4.38 (£3.00)

 – Gift Hunter Club (gpt): $2.00 

 – Cashle (gpt): $1.00

 – 1Q (survey app): $0.50



 – Spare5: has been less of a productive use of my time over the past month or so. I’ve also gone off it somewhat, which is down to the natural flow of me being who I am, and task (in)availability. As their tasks do tend to come and go, I will pass by from time to time to see what’s there and whether it’s worth my time/energy. But for now, I’m better off spending the time I spend there on other things that can earn me more.

 – Sites you no longer use: If you have sites you haven’t used in a while, it’s worth taking a peek inside some of them as there might be some money laying dormant, enough for you to cash out. This is especially so if you have referrals, even if those referrals weren’t that active. You never know, they might have gotten more active while you’ve been away. / This has been the case for me, which is how I cashed out $2.32 from SurveyMad and a £3.00 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks.

 – 1Q and Zurb: these are what I call flash survey sites; these surveys that take less than a minute to do. / 1Q is app-based. I don’t get that many surveys from them, but the few that I did required just one answer each. The surveys were sent to me via text and I answered via text reply. After replying, I received confirmation of a $0.25 PayPal payment (per survey). / Zurb is accessed online via computer. Again, not many surveys I’ve received, but they’re short and sweet when I do get them. I receive notification, answer it, takes less than a minute. Minimum payout’s $1.00. Not sure when they pay – once a week, I think.

 – Appen Online: This company, also known as Appen Butler Hill, recruits for several positions. I’ve been on their books for a while. I get occasional work. In May, I got two one-off gigs where I had to record stuff. Simple to do, somewhat tedious, but the money, when it came, was good. 🙂


So that’s been me online over the past couple months. 🙂


Online Earnings Feb to Apr 2014…

I thought it’s time I updated this blog before it near enough forgets who I be. 🙂

I’ve been focused on other things, and even if I wasn’t, I tend not to want to force myself to do any updates when the interest isn’t really there.

I’ve still been earning online though, not loads, close to the same every month.

So, without further ado…

(clears throat)

Earnings Breakdown (feb-apr): $471.22…

Feb: $159.22

Mar: $144.57

Apr: $167.43

I’m not going to do a breakdown of each month, but I will do a breakdown of where it all came from over the above 3-month period. (any figure in brackets means it’s the currency in which it was received)

 – Blog commenting: $287.40

  Clixsense (ptc/gpt site): $83.56

 – Editing: $57.36

 – HealthHub (survey site): $11.65 (£7.00)

 – Viewsbank (survey site): $10.77 (£6.56)

 – Swagbucks (gpt site): $8.40 (£5.00)

 – Chatabout (paid-to-chat site): $5.00

 – Qmee (paid-to-search site): $2.55 (£1.54)

 – Appen (audio work): $2.53 ($2.74 AUD)

 – Gift Hunter Club (gpt site): $2.00

(read: Swagbucks review | Gift Hunter Club review)



– My interest in Clixsense waned last month, so I didn’t reach cashout there at all in April. The earnings you see are for Feb & March. / Task completion is how I earn a bulk of my money there. However, the task area’s undergone a major overhaul. As such, I’m not sure I’d be earning as much as I used to anyway had I worked through April. It’s not the reason I took time out from it though – lost interest just before the change – but I think it’s just as well.

– I can’t seem to find the link for HealthHub, but when and if I do, will share.


Plans For May…

I’m gonna get back to using Clixsense regularly — I won’t be setting an earning goal since the task area’s different. I’ll just see how I do this month.

Apart from that, it’ll be nice to have an extra gig this month. I already have a fairly new one with my existing client which I’m enjoying (re: editing). I’d like to get one more gig this month – one that I enjoy – and pays fairly well.


Hope y’all have a maaaarvellous May :-).


Miss Eb.