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Online Earnings Feb to Apr 2014…

I thought it’s time I updated this blog before it near enough forgets who I be. ūüôā

I’ve been focused on other things, and even if I wasn’t, I tend not to want to force myself to do any updates when the interest isn’t really there.

I’ve still been earning online though, not loads, close to¬†the same every month.

So, without further ado…

(clears throat)

Earnings Breakdown (feb-apr): $471.22…

Feb: $159.22

Mar: $144.57

Apr: $167.43

I’m not going to do a breakdown of each month, but I will do a breakdown of where it all came from over the above 3-month period.¬†(any figure in brackets means it’s the currency in which it was received)

 РBlog commenting: $287.40

  Clixsense (ptc/gpt site): $83.56

 РEditing: $57.36

 РHealthHub (survey site): $11.65 (£7.00)

 РViewsbank (survey site): $10.77 (£6.56)

 РSwagbucks (gpt site): $8.40 (£5.00)

 РChatabout (paid-to-chat site): $5.00

 РQmee (paid-to-search site): $2.55 (£1.54)

 РAppen (audio work): $2.53 ($2.74 AUD)

 РGift Hunter Club (gpt site): $2.00

(read: Swagbucks review | Gift Hunter Club review)



– My interest in Clixsense waned last month, so I didn’t reach cashout there at all¬†in April. The earnings you see are for Feb &¬†March. / Task completion is how I earn a bulk of my money there. However,¬†the¬†task area’s undergone¬†a major overhaul. As such, I’m not sure I’d be earning as much as I used to anyway had I worked through April. It’s not the reason I took time out from it¬†though – lost interest just before the change – but I think it’s just as well.

– I can’t seem to find the link for HealthHub, but when and if I do, will share.


Plans For May…

I’m gonna get back to using Clixsense regularly — I won’t be setting an earning goal since the task area’s different. I’ll just see how I do this month.

Apart from that, it’ll be nice to have an extra gig this month. I already have a fairly new one with my existing client which I’m enjoying (re: editing). I’d like to get one more gig this month – one that I enjoy – and pays fairly well.


Hope y’all have a maaaarvellous May :-).


Miss Eb.