Proofreading: I Want to Make $50 a Week… (Week 1)

I decided yesterday that I’d like to make $50 a week on the proofreading site I use. Though the company no longer offers shifts, I still think it’s possible to make $50 a week there just by logging in and proofing what comes through.

I made about $60 there in the last two weeks of December, and so far I’ve made $23.22 this month. Of the $23.22, I’ve made $18.96 this week. Plus I recently cashed out $10. Once the PayPal fees come off, that’s $9.26, so that’ll be $28.22 in total.

That leaves me with roughly two days to make $21.78.

I think I can do it. However, it does depend on the flow of work available.


Time, Effort…

In terms of my time and effort, as long as I’m on the computer, I’m good. I can leave the proofreading window open on my browser and get on with other things that need doing. When something comes in that needs proofing, I’ll do it if I want to, then go back to whatever I’m doing. It’s no different to how I tend to work with it, just that I plan on leaving the window open over a longer period of time.



I think $50 a week’s possible – however, having recently decided on that amount, it doesn’t leave me with much time to reach it this week. Had I decided on Monday, I think I would have been closer to my goal. However, I’m curious to see if I can do it, so that energy should help. 🙂

(If you’d like to find out more about the site, I have a post you can read. It’s password protected. Goes into some detail about it, along with screenshots, proof of payments and tips. But please read this other post first.)



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