Proofreading: I Want to Make $50 a Week. (Update – Week 2: I Was Sooooo Close!)

Wanna know how close I got?

I was at $41.22. I then did enough to request another $10.00. I would have gotten $9.26 after PayPal fees, which would have pushed me to a little over my target.

Unfortunately, I didn’t receive the payment on Sunday but in the early hours of Monday morning. Aah!

The good thing, though, is that it now gives me a great start to this week! I have that $9.26, but I’m also expecting another payment ($13.74).

So a total of $23 made this week if those two payments come through later today or tomorrow, which means I’ll be almost halfway there!

Will waddle back here with an update on Wednesday or Thursday.





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