Proofreading: I Want to Make $50 a Week… (Update – Week 1)

So my plan is to make $50 a week this month by proofreading online.

$200 a month.

Ideally, I’d like this to be the case from month to month.

There’s a site I use where I think it’s possible.

I unfortunately didn’t hit my target last week (week 1) – I made $33.00 – but that’s because I only decided on the target late last week, leaving me with a couple of days to attempt to reach it. Had things to do over the weekend, so had even less time.

This week, it’s on!

I’ve made $4.48 so far and there’s another on its way.

I think I can hit another payout by the time I waddle to bed. (I’m a night owl)

If I can make $10 there every other day, I’ll reach my target (even with PayPal fees taken off).

It’s not a lot of work. I sit there doing other stuff I need to do until proofing work trickles in. I choose if I want to do it or let it pass. Sometimes, someone takes it before I do (as I’m not the only one logged in).

I basically dip in and out of the site as and when. There aren’t any set hours.

Anyway, this $50 IS GONNA HAPPEN THIS WEEK! (she says).

I can be pretty laid back when it comes to earning online, preferring to go with my own flow and interests. It’s part of my nature. I tend to want to go where my interests are.

However, how I feel at this time is that I need some kind of personal(ised) system where I know that a certain amount of energy applied from month to month will earn me a certain amount of money.

This site I’m using will be one of them. If I can get into a rhythm, then I know I can more or less make $200 a month.

Wish me luck 🙂


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