Online Earnings: September 2014 – I Did It! – My First $500 Month in a Gazillion Years!

I. am. a. happy. bunny. 🙂

November 2008 was the last time Mama made $500 online in a month.



OK, so it’s not like I’ve been trying month in and month out to make $500 – but some months – several – I’ve wanted to and wished that I could, then tried and not succeeded, part of the problem being one of interest and interest-based commitment.

I’ve liked proofreading for quite a while and have proofed for a handful of clients in the past – some one-off – others regularly, but never that significant, earnings-wise; just mildly supplemental at best, and never consistent.

In June, having not proofread in months, in fact none at all in the year at that point, I thought to myself that it would be nice to get a proofreading gig. That’s when I found the first one (actually, two, but one was a one-off).

An extra $30-$70 a month? It helped.

Then in August, I found another proofing gig, and that’s what played a huge part in me hitting $500 this month (it’s actually closer to $600). That gig alone made me over $400 this month. I didn’t even do the other proofing gig I mentioned.

I’m grateful. It seems like when I stopped trying, it happened. When I thought I’d like to do some proofreading, it happened.

The only thing is I have to do this gig for a few hours everyday, including weekends. Been doing that for about two months now. So I’ve asked for backup, for weekends and one-off weekdays, which the client’s open to.

I really don’t see myself doing this long-term. But for now, I’m grateful for the extra money, that I can do this from home, that though I’m doing it everyday (for now), it’s for a few hours and I have some flexibility in terms of the hours I have to play with before it needs to be completed.

Anyway, onto this month’s earnings breakdown.

September 2014: $586.72…

 – Proofreading: $419.34

 – Blog commenting: $95.80

 – Transcript editing: $38.44

 – Surveys: $23.13 (£14.10) (Panelbase – £11.10; Pinecone – £3.00)

 – Clixsense: $8.01

 – Crowdflower Elite (task-based site): $2.00


And that’s me in September, y’all :-).

I’d be happy with another $500 month in October, but if I can hit $600, that would be nice.




  1. Trini

    You’ve done awesome! I’m so proud of you. You’re still hanging in there. That says a lot! And hey.. I’m pretty sure that extra cash helps!

    I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of making money from my blow again. I use to do so well and it’s a shame that I stopped utilizing my asset. 🙁 But life got super hectic and work is crazy and everything is insane haha.

    But kudos to you! Hopefully you’ll see me around more often! 🙂

    P.S. how do you make money from blog commenting? :S

    • miss eb.

      Heyyy, sis! Good to hear from you! 🙂 x

      Thank you. It’s about time I made a bit more 🙂

      You were doing admirably well, yes, and you will again when you’re ready. You’re badass!

      (re: blog commenting – I think I found the gig via Digital Point forums. I also used to offer it as a service on Fiverr.)

      take care, sis… 🙂

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