Online Earnings: September 2012…

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Unless I make $150 or so in the next hour, I don’t see myself hitting my $500 target for Sept, so I’m just gonna go ahead and declare my total.

I made $353.98.

Earnings breakdown:
(any figures in pounds means it’s how I was initially paid.)

– Writing (priv clients): $184.42 (review writing: $162.22;  blogging: $22.20)

– Advertising: $95.80

– Playing slots: $48.57 (£30.00)

– PTCs: $9.31 (Clixsense: $8.73; CashNHits: $0.58) (I’ve written a review about CashNHits. Will post it up in a few days.)

– Swagbucks (gpt): $8.00 (£5.00) {read my Swagbucks review}

– Blog commenting (fiverr): $7.84

– Cloudcrowd: $0.04 (earnings from referrals) {read my CloudCrowd review}


On zee positive side…

While I might not have made the $500 I’d hoped, I did make more than I did in August by about $70. And, and, and I did make some money, which is better than nothing. I’m in a better position than some people who’d love to make $50, $100 a month, let alone $300 or so.

I’m getting kinda tired of saying that to myself though…

At least I made some money


it’s better than nothing 

…is really me bullshitting myself, if I’m honest.

But I’m not gonna be honest. I’ll just say “well done to me” like I’m singing frikkin Happy Birthday to myself. Yay!

Who needs to own her disappointment? Not me.   Here. You want it? Catch.


OK. OK. On a serious note…

I’ve done the whole “at least I made some money” thing. It’s what I say to myself to feel better about not attaining something I know I’m capable of. It’s an excuse. It cushions the disappointment instead of me having to live with it, swim in it, squirm in it.


But I think…

…it’s time for me to go back to opening up to that disappointment. Let’s see what that energy does for me in October. Besides, I like chocolate and anything that’ll make me eat more of it, wellllll… #BiggerAssBiggerChair


I’m out. Have a great October, y’all. Assume zee position of royalty over it.


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