Online Earnings: October, November 2012…

Hello peoples. How do? Cool? Gooood. *schmiles*

What have I been up to since my last post? Errrm, I can’t remember. It’s been a couple of months. The most significant thing that’s happened online-wise is that I’m back writing with a former client – one of the best clients I’ve had in all the time I’ve been earning online. Haven’t written for them for a couple of years. I figured there was no harm in approaching them again. Actually, I thought I’d get a no. I didn’t!


Anyhoo, onto my earnings…

October: $101.43…
(any figures in pounds means it’s how I was initially paid.)

– Writing (priv clients – blogging): $64.31

UniqueRewards (gpt): $20.73 | {read my UniqueRewards review}

Swagbucks (gpt): $8.01 (£5.00) | {read my Swagbucks review}

You-Cubez: $4.95 (£3.09) | {read my You-Cubez review}

– Amazon UK: $2.35 (£1.46) (Sold a book.)

Squidoo: $1.08 (Create single pages of info. Range of topics. Each single page is called a lens. I only have one lens there for now.)


November: $308.27…

– Writing (priv clients – blogging): $291.50

– Fiverr: $11.76

– Forum posting: $5.01

As you can see, October wasn’t much to write home about. November picked up though and reflects the new writing work I have.


Anyway, that’s me for October and November. 🙂


Ms E to the B to the E, L, E.


  1. Klicked_on_It!!!

    Ohhh, OK! Another question for ya’… have you ever heard of or experienced Wealthy Affiliate? Some how I ran across it through Post Loop I think. Just wondered if it was a scam or for real and exactly what it is? Thanks again, Miss Eb!!!

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