Online Earnings: May 2015

I made $142.98 in May, which is slightly more than I made in April ($136.81).

Earnings Breakdown:

 – Proofreading: $91.74 (from the proofing gig mentioned in previous posts; for work that comes in as & when, and shift work.)

 – uTest: $28.00

 – Gift Hunter Club (GPT site): $10.00 (mostly doing Crowdflower tasks)

 – Clixsense (GPT site): $8.35

 – Pinecone Research (survey site): $4.56

 – MyCrowd (testing site): $0.33


uTest: Really excited about this one! It’s a crowd-based testing site where you get paid for finding bugs. The pay’s quite good and varies depending on how valuable the bug you find is deemed to be.

Different testing projects have different requirements in terms of the platform/device they want something tested on. I only have a PC, so there’s been a limit to how much work I’ve gotten. I’m however in the process of getting a smartphone in the hopes I’ll get more work. I’m fortunate to have gotten one I didn’t have to buy, courtesy of my nephew who had an old one he wasn’t using. It just had a broken screen which I’ve fixed. I have a few other things to sort out, then it’s good to use for work. 🙂

MyCrowd: another testing/bug-hunting site. I haven’t really gotten into the flow of this one.

Clixsense: I don’t use Clixsense anymore. However, I sometimes get close to cashout with referral earnings. When that happens, I do enough to reach the minimum I need to cash out.



I’ve made around $50 so far. I’ve made more on uTest than I did last month.

I’ve barely done any proofreading this month.

We’ll see how the rest of the month goes.


Peace and pizza… 🙂


Miss Eb.

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