Online Earnings: May 2014…

I did a bit better in May, by about $40. As long as the upward trend continues, I’m good.

Earnings Breakdown: $209.64…

– Blog commenting: $95.95

– Editing: $95.95

Clixsense: $17.74

That’s it. No Swagbucks. No surveys. No other bits & bobs.


Plans For June…

Clixsense: I hope to make more on Clixsense this month. Aiming for $30 at a minimum. As much as surveys aren’t my thing, I’ll attempt to do some. I’ll also be mindful of when certain Crowdflower tasks appear everyday and do them when I can. I used to be quite good at knowing & being there when certain tasks appeared, which made a difference to my earnings. I’d like to get back to that to a certain extent.

Extra gig: I mentioned last month that it’d be nice to get an extra gig. Though I didn’t manage that, there’s a promise of one this month, plus I have a potential small egg I’m looking into and trying out.


Anyhoo, that’s me. Hope y’all have a wonderful June, ya hear? 🙂

I’m out…


Miss Eb.

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