Online Earnings: May 2013…

I think I’ve lost interest in maintaining my two blogs about making money online. I’ve also lost interest in the various ways I’ve used to earn online.

I recently parted ways with my last client I’d been writing for for about 18 months. The only thing I’m doing nowadays is blog commenting/forum posting via Fiverr (more of the former than the latter). I’m not using GPTs that consistently anymore either.

So as well as having my survey blog for sale, I’m kinda thinking of letting go of this blog too. I’m not as attached to it as I used to be. I’m open to offers, so inbox me. I have a domain name for this blog – – doesn’t expire til late in the year. You also get all the content, plus there’s a private registration on the domain that also doesn’t expire ’til year end. I also have Twitter pages for both blogs.

There’s no point in holding onto things that no longer move me. Life’s vertically challenged, unpredictable and I’ll be hitting 40 in about a year.

I think I’ll continue to earn online to some degree, in some shape or form, but I’m no longer interested in maintaining blogs about it. Time to shed some skin.


Anyhoo, onto my earnings for May…

I made $88.81.


Writing – $37.75

Fiverr – $35.28

GPTs – $15.78 (GiftHunterClub – $8.00; Swagbucks – $7.78)

Aaaand that’s it. Blink and you’ll miss it. 🙂


My Fiverr earnings are up by over 50%, a reflection of the extra orders I’ve been getting since my level went up. I’ve done no promoting.

My GiftHunterClub earnings are down somewhat as I wasn’t active on it that much last month.


Hope y’all have an awesome June. Pickle it pink.

I’m outtie…


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