Online Earnings: March 2013…

I made $66.72 in March which is the least I’ve made in a long while. I’m not terribly disappointed with it. I wasn’t that committed last month and I was mostly OK with that. Though it would have been nice to have made a bit more, the amount I made doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me.


– GPTs: $27.59 (Gift Hunter Club: $20.00; Swagbucks: $7.59 (£5.00))

– Blog writing: $22.20

– Fiverr: $15.68 (blog commenting, forum posting)

CloudCrowd: $1.25

Total: $66.72


My CloudCrowd earnings have gone right down as you can see. There’ve been no tasks available that I’ve been qualified to do. | CloudCrowd review.

Pleased with my earnings with Gift Hunter Club :-). I made a bit more than I did in February. | Gift Hunter Club review.

Fiverr earnings I’m OK with, seeing as I hardly promote my gigs there.

I didn’t go hard with Swagbucks, and that shows. | Swagbucks review.


Plans for April…

I’d like to make more this month, bring a bit of focus back into the mix, but still maintain some flexibility as I quite liked the laidbackness of March. Maybe I’ll work one day (or two) and take the next day off, then rinse & repeat. See how that goes. We’ll see.


Have a good April, y’all. Play footsie with it. 🙂

MissEb, over and out.

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