Online Earnings: June, July 2012…

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Hey. How do? Aiiiiight?

Right, what have I been up to. Erm, right, think, mama, think:

1) Blog commenting:

i) Fiverr that’s still going quite well. I’ve now earned almost $100 since joining earlier this year. I’ve already made more this month than I did last month.

ii) Private clients – I haven’t been commenting for the company I mentioned a couple months ago. With them, I have to make 50 comments within two days, plus they pay once a month. I don’t recall being told that before I got the gig. I can’t afford to get paid once a month and put in the work there when I could spend my time doing other things that pay sooner. It’s a shame ‘cos the pay wasn’t bad. Maybe I’ll take another look at it at some point if I can super-organise my schedule.

There’s another client I’ve been commenting for about a month or so. I’m thinking of giving that one up at the end of the month as it’s proving to be an unproductive use of my time.

2) Blogging – still blogging for the one client. Been doing that for 8 months now, so that’s something to add to my writing CV.

3) Forum posting – I kinda dip in and out of it – depends on what other things I have doing. However, I’ve set it up as a service on Fiverr. We’ll see how that one goes.

OK so June & July Earnings…
(any figures in pounds means it’s how I was initially paid.)

June earnings: $94.85…

GPTs (get-paid-to’s): $28.67 (UniqueRewards – $20.53; Clixsense – $8.14) {read my UniqueRewards review}

Blogging (priv client): $22.20

Forum posting: $15.80 (I did this on a site called Paid Forum posting.) {read my review}

Blog commenting: $15.68 (Fiverr)

Playing slots: $7.77 (£5.00)

Pinecone Research (survey): $4.64 (£3.00)

Cloudcrowd: $0.09 (paid to complete tasks. These earnings are from referrals though.) {read my CloudCrowd review}


July earnings: $405.38…

Writing (priv clients): $217.18 (blogging: $39.00; review writing: $169.64; Rewriting: $8.54)

Blog commenting: $102.88 (priv client: $87.20; fiverr: $15.68)

Clickworker: $32.16 (paid to complete tasks)

GPTs (get-paid-to’s): $28.67 (Clixsense – $7.84; Swagbucks – $5.00; Cashle – $1.00) {read my Swagbucks review | Cashle review}

Playing slots: $15.55 (£10.01)

Surveys: $12.16 (Crowdology: $6.46 (£4.16); Pinecone: $4.70 (£3.00); pollbuzzer: $1.00)

Forum posting: $10.27 (

Squidoo: $1.27

– Cloudcrowd: $0.07 (earnings from referrals)



Clickworker‘s kinda similar to Cloudcrowd. You get paid to do a number of tasks including writing, proofreading and categorising. Like CloudCrowd, you have to take a test to qualify to do them. Where I see a difference is the people that can do certain tasks. For Clickworker, if you’re from the US, you get heaps more tasks. Whereas with CloudCrowd, it doesn’t matter as much. Cloudcrowd pays every weekday whereas Clickworker pays every Wednesday.

Pollbuzzer‘s a random survey site I came across one day. You get emailed a multiple-choice question. When you answer it, you’re paid $1.00. I get sent a question very infrequently and I’d all but forgotten about Pollbuzzer to be honest. But then I got a question in my inbox sometime in July, answered it and got paid a couple days later.

* Squidoo‘s a place where you can create single pages of info about most things. I only have one page there for now, but it’s earning me a lil something every couple months.


July: highest earning month this year… far, that is. Not the most I can earn or have earned in the past, but it’s better than what I’ve earned this year. Worth acknowledging that to myself, methinks.

A 500-dollar month still alludes me with its sweet behind. But it’ll happen, well I’m hoping it does.

The thing is when I say ‘hope’, it almost feels like I’m wishing on something outside myself to make it possible. I am the frikkin possible!


And on that note, I bid you adieu. *curtsies* *skips away*


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