Online Earnings: June 2015

Didn’t do well in June. Less than $100 ($83.71); the least I’ve made in a month this year.

I can do better.

I’ve been away for two weeks, so that had an impact. There were a few ways I could have earned money with my smartphone while I was away, but for a couple of reasons, I wasn’t able to. I need to sort that out in the future as I’d really like the option to work/earn with my smartphone when I travel.


Earnings Breakdown:

 – uTest: $56.00

 – Proofreading: $9.00

 – Clixsense (GPT site): $8.04

 – Gift Hunter Club (GPT site): $6.00

 – Pinecone Research (survey site): $4.67 (£3.00)


uTest: Made more than I did in May. I hope to make more in July. uTest is a site that pays for finding bugs. / Pay’s well (via PayPal). Pay depends on how valuable the bug you find is deemed to be.

Different testing projects have different requirements in terms of the platform/device they want something tested on. I only had a PC, so there was a limit to how much work I was getting. I now have a smartphone though, and I’ve noticed I’ve been getting a few more opportunities :).

Proofreading: didn’t do a whole lot of that.

Clixsense/Gift Hunter Club: I don’t use Clixsense anymore. And I haven’t been using Gift Hunter Club that much either. But I do get referral earnings sometimes, so what you see is mostly from there, then I work a bit to reach cashout.



This month, I want to explore ways to make money with my smartphone. I also want to focus more on testing. Basically, I want to put more energy towards ways that can earn me good money, and less on the bits and pieces (though they’re useful and play their part).


Anyway, I hope we all have a lovely July. 🙂


Miss Eb.


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