Online Earnings: June 2013…

I made $54.82 in June. Not great, but not bad either for something I didn’t put a great amount of effort into. Most of it was from Fiverr. I thought my orders were picking up because my level had gone up from 1 to 2. But I’ve hardly had any orders the past week or so, so I really don’t know why sales peaked in the first place and why they’ve subsequently tailed off.

Anyhoo, earnings breakdown:

Fiverr: $31.36

– Surveys: $9.06 (Pinecone Research: $4.53 (£3.00); MySurvey UK: $4.53 (£3.00))

– Writing: $7.40

– GPTs: $7.00 (GiftHulk – $5.00; Gift Hunter Club – $2.00)

Total – $54.82


I joined GiftHulk a couple months ago. It’s kinda like Swagbucks. It’s an OK site, but I’m not really feeling it, so I doubt I’ll be using it that much. I just about use Swagbucks and Gift Hunter Club these days. I wanna get back to using Gift Club though, so I think that’ll be my main GPT, then Swagbucks and that’s it.

(Swagbucks review | Gift Hunter Club review | Pinecone Research review)


Anyway, that’s me for June.

Laters, alligatorades…


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