Online Earnings: Jul-Oct 2013

Haven’t posted my earnings up in a good while because…well I’d moved on from the blog. But now I’m back (yaaaaay!), I might as well post something up.

I haven’t really made that much – $273.02 altogether – yes, in total, since July. Buuut it’s something, I guess.

If I’d saved it all, it would have been more significant, but I’m in no position for that; I’ve needed every penny.

Anyway, here’s zee breakdown:

July: $91.25

Aug: $36.65

Sep: $72.24

Oct: $72.88

I’m not gonna break each month down. Just gonna put it altogether over the 4 month period, so of the $273.02, I made it from the following:

Blog commenting: $138.15

Writing: $47.10 (blog writing, review writing)

Proofreading: $28.38

GPTs: $22.56 (Swagbucks, GiftHunterClub, Cashle)

Surveys: $12.20 (The Health Hub, Pinecone Research)

Testing: $10.00 (

Forum posting: $9.21

Other: $5.42 (CloudCrowd, Squidoo)

As you can see, I made the most from blog commenting.

I know I mentioned I don’t want to commit to blog commenting beyond the end of the year, but I’m having second thoughts about that. It’s something I’m good at and find less painful to do than freelance writing, so maybe it’s not such a bad idea to pursue it in the short-to-medium term. We’ll see.

Anyhoo, that’s my earnings update for July to October, peoples. 🙂


I’m out…

Miss Eb.


    • miss eb.

      Hi Hamrash,

      Yeah, the domain pretty much named itself, really :).

      Blog commenting: I get paid to comment on people’s blog posts. It’s a way of increasing activity (encouraging discussion) within the posts. I advertise it as a service on and also occasionally find commenting work on Digital Point forums.

      Thanks for passing through.

      take care…

  1. Randy

    Hey there Miss Eb… yeah I know, been a long time… sorry about that! Just wanted to jump in and say you sure are a fresh blast from the past! As always You Rock… this new .com is sweet!!! If and when you get a chance, please drop me a line and let me know how you transferred everything over. I’m thinking that I might want to do this also. Your site here is so clean, I love it. Like I said Miss Eb, you still ROCK!

    • miss eb.

      Hey Randy 🙂

      Yeah, it’s been a while! Hope you’ve been well and things have been going awesomely for you with your online endeavours.

      Glad you like my new home. / Sure – will contact you over the weekend.

      And thanks for zee compliment re: me rocking. *does a shoulder shake*. Lol!

      take care…

      miss eb.

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