Online Earnings: January 2014

Well, I didn’t meet my $200 target. I near-enough made what I did in December ($157.74).

This month I made $157.21.

However, I MET MY $50 CLIXSENSE TARGET!!! I made $55.83!

So though I’m kinda like ‘ah well, you didn’t improve much from December, did you, huh, Missy?’, I’m pretty pweesed I hit the target I was aiming for with Clixsense :).

Earnings Breakdown:

(any figure in brackets means it’s the currency in which it was received)

 – Blog commenting: $71.02

 – Clixsense (ptc/gpt): $55.83

 – Chatabout (paid to chat): $10.00

 – Swagbucks (gpt): $8.17 (£5.00)

 – Paid forum posting: $6.12

 – Gift Hunter Club: $4.00

 – Qmee (paid to search): $1.07 (£0.66)

 – Cashle (gpt) – $1.00

(read: Swagbucks review | Paid forum posting review | Gift Hunter Club reviewCashle review)


Plans For February…

I’m gonna aim for $200 again this month. Also gonna shoot for $60 on Clixsense. If I made $55 there last month, then $60 is a possibility. I know it’s a shorter month, so we’ll see.


Have a great February, peoples – online and off :).

I’m outty…

Miss Eb.

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