Online Earnings: January 2013…

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I made $357.41 in January. It’s not the $500 I would have liked, but I’m quite happy with that. Honest. Cross my ears and hope to die. 🙂


(any figures in pounds means it’s how I was initially paid.)

– Playing slots: $96.38 (£60.01)

– Blog writing: $93.97

CloudCrowd: $84.56 | {Task-based site. Read my CloudCrowd review}

– GPTs: $31.73 (Swagbucks: $15.99 (£10.00); Survey Mad: $13.20; Qmee: $1.44 (£0.91); Cashle: $1.10) | {read my: Swagbucks review | Survey Mad review | Cashle review}

– Surveys: $25.24 (Panelbase: $16.29 (£10.10); MySurvey UK: $4.75 (£3.00); GfK WISAD: $3.20 (£2.00); Pollbuzzer: $1.00) | {Pollbuzzer’s very quick. One multiple-choice question. Answer it. You’re done. $1.00.}

– Forum posting: $16.26 (fiverr: $11.76; $4.50) | {read my review}

– Blog commenting: $7.84 (fiverr) | {fiverr’s a site where you can buy/sell gigs for $5 a pop}

– Squidoo: $1.43 | {Create single pages of info. Each page is called a lens.}

Total: $357.41



Slots: I’ve been doing OK with slots. I only spend £10 a week (, sometimes less. The amount you see up there is pure profit. I was just lucky. It’s not a consistent thing for me.

Writing: was down because one of the clients I write for was off over Xmas/New Year and it took a while to pick back up.

CloudCrowd: I’m happy with the amount I made. There are various tasks on CloudCrowd, but I’ve been doing the research tasks. Those are the ones I feel fairly confident doing. They don’t take me long at all to do. Pay varies as CloudCrowd changes it from time to time. For the ones I did, the pay was between $0.25 and $10.00 a task, mostly $0.50 to $2.00 on average. I’ve gotten used to checking back regularly for those tasks. Sometimes there’s work available, sometimes not.

Swagbucks: Been putting in a bit more effort into Swagbucks, which is why I made £10.00 instead of the usual £5.00 every month. I should make more than that this month.

Survey Mad: What sets Survey Mad apart from several other GPTs is it has a very low minimum payout and you can receive your second and subsequent payments instantly (except when they run out of funds for instant payments which seems to happen at times). Apart from that, I don’t think there’s anything particularly special about the site. It has most of the things several other GPT sites have: surveys, Crowdflower tasks, videos, etc.

Qmee: Qmee’s a site I heard about a week or so ago. You search for things like you’d normally do, and now and again a slider appears with ads that you can click on if any interest you. When you click on one, you get paid. The ads aren’t ones I’ve ever seen before. I’m actually not too sure about this one. Just thought I’d try it out. Oh, and there isn’t a min. payout – and payments, once requested, are paid instantly (in UK pounds).

Surveys: I’ve been doing a bit more surveys than I usually do. I’m not jumping full-on into it or else I’ll freeze of boredom. But, you know, I’m attempting a couple more than usual.

Forum posting: I received repeat orders from someone on Fiverr in December, payments of which came through in January. Fiverr takes two weeks to pay, which is a bit of a bummer, but when it finally comes through, who’s complaining? 🙂 |||| I also did a bit of work at


Mayday, Mayday, this post’s getting long. I repeat, this post’s getting long…

I feel I worked harder in Jan than I have in a while, so I’m happier about that than the actual money I ended the month with. The money’s obviously important and useful/handy, but the recent effort I’ve been putting in is just as valuable to me.

I’ll stop now. 🙂


My next post will be Part 2 of ‘My Earning Methods: Shifting Things Up a Gear‘ – it encompasses my plans for February.


Take care, y’all. Hope your January was a good one. And February? February’s gonna be as WOOOOHOOOOO as we make it! *blink, blink* *smile*


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