Online Earnings: Jan 2015…

It’s been a fairly good month; I made $259.08, which is not as much as the two $500 dollar months I had in September and October, but better than November ($179.44) and December ($101.55).

Earnings Breakdown:

 – Proofreading: $110.42 (from the proofing gig mentioned in previous posts.)

 – Gift Hunter Club: $77.00 (mostly doing Crowdflower tasks)

 – Transcript editing: $57.36 (last earnings from a client I parted fondly with)

 – Clixsense: $9.02 (mostly from referrals and a survey)

 – Pinecone Research (survey): $4.53 (£3.00)

 – Qmee: $0.75 (£0.50) (paid-to-search site. However, this was from a referral.)

The surprise part of it all is how I made some of it. I really was not expecting $77.00 of what I made in January to be from the Crowdflower tasks I completed via Gift Hunter Club. It’s been a pleasant surprise.

I also really was not expecting to come across a Crowdflower task – a study that paid me about $25 in all for completion.

I’m taking studies that pay that well as a one-off thing. But even when you subtract that $25, I still managed to make about $50 doing Crowdflower tasks.

Don’t ask me how much time I spent making that. I don’t know. I’m online a lot and I just do tasks whenever they come up, if I want to do them. But I only started in earnest around the 7th of January.

Crowdflower tasks are categorised into four levels: level 0 to level 3. The higher the level you are, the more tasks you have access to. You get to those levels by how accurate the completion of your tasks are.

I’ve been on Level 1 for a long time, but to my delight, I was recently upped to Level 2. It’s like accessing a whole new world! Lots more tasks, some that pay better too.

The new level’s only been in place for me for a few days, so I’m thinking if most of what I’ve made in January was on Level 1, how much can I make on Level 2? We’ll see.

It’s not a bed of roses re: Crowdflower tasks. You can get flagged or lose your level (happened to me), for instance. And sometimes, there are test questions put in place to keep you in check that you can fail; sometimes the test questions themselves can be inaccurate/unfair.

But all in all, I’m liking the adventure so far.


Plans for February…

To just keep going with the two things I’m doing online. Would like to add a third earning strand this month. I have my eye on Clickworker, a micro-tasking site, so we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, have a lovely month, y’all. 🙂


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