Online Earnings: February 2013…

I’m not that pweesed with how February went in the online earnings department, and March is not looking to be that much better (*ear droop*), but ah well…

(any figures in pounds means it’s how I was initially paid.)

– Blog writing: $90.35

CloudCrowd: $45.25 | {task-based site. Read my CloudCrowd review}

– GPTs: $44.77 (Swagbucks: $23.15 (£15.00); Gift Hunter Club: $19.00; Survey Mad: $1.33; Cashle: $1.14; Prizelive: $0.15) | {read my: Swagbucks review | Gift Hunter Club review | Survey Mad review | Cashle review}

– Review writing: $21.00

– Fiverr: $15.68 (blog commenting, forum posting)

– Surveys: $14.52 (Crowdology: $6.78 (£4.31); GfK WISAD: $7.74 (£5.00))

Total: $231.57


– CloudCrowd – For the tasks I was doing, I didn’t get as many as I did in January, hence the dip.

– GPTs – I’m happy with the way things are going on the GPT front, particularly with Gift Hunter Club. | Prizelive no longer exists. I cashed out the little that had been there for ages.

– Review writing – a client I used to write for a good while back got in touch with me.

– Fiverr – Didn’t promote my gigs on Fiverr like I planned to in Feb. Still got the odd order here and there though.


Plans for March…

Well, we’re over halfway through it. I didn’t have any concrete plans for March. I still don’t. I’m kinda scattered this month with no particular focus. My earnings are pretty low compared to the last two months. I don’t think I’m gonna force the flow either way – I’m gonna let the flow do its own thing this month.

Laters, ladybirds and genturtlemen…


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