Online Earnings: Feb 2015…

Sooo, I’ll get straight to it. I finished the month at $436.74. I’m good with that. It beats what I made in January by about $180.

Earnings Breakdown:

 – Proofreading: $366.84 (from the proofing gig mentioned in previous posts. This is for work that comes in as and when, and shift work.)

 – Gift Hunter Club: $52.00 (mostly doing Crowdflower tasks)

 – Prolific Academic (survey): $7.70 (£5.02)

 – Info about proofreading gig: $5.58

 – Pinecone Research (survey): $4.62 (£3.00)


Proofing: I don’t think I’ll make as much this month. The shifts have been curtailed. Even if they weren’t, I don’t think I would have had the energy to put in the same mad hours I put in last month.

Happy with what I made at Gift Hunter Club. Think I’m over my awe and obsession with Crowdflower tasks now, though! So that’s likely to reflect in my earnings this month. Plus tasks come and go, the flow of which can vary drastically sometimes. / I was hoping to make what I made there in Jan ($77.00), but what really helped push it to $77.00 was a one-off survey task I did that paid amaaaazingly well (about $24). Take away that and I didn’t do too badly in February with $52.00 🙂

Prolific Academic is a survey site I read about in passing some months ago and decided to join last month (or was it January? Can’t remember). Anyway, they pay really well for surveys, with a minimum payout that’s palatable (£5.00). Interesting surveys too. Payment’s via PayPal. I actually don’t know if it’s only open to those in the UK or not. Will find out and update. (Update – 1st May: not UK only from what I’ve checked)

Re: info about proofreading: I have a password-protected post where I share info about the proofing gig. I charge $3.00 for access. Sold a couple this month.

And Pinecone Research – I’ve been with them for years. I qualify for most surveys I’m sent. Each lasts roughly 15 mins. £3.00 via PayPal a few days after completion. / I get one or two surveys a month, sometimes none for a few months. Really depends on your profile.



I think there were a few aspects in February that weren’t the most productive use of my time work-wise, so I’m looking at cutting back on that.

I also have my eyes open for an online gig or two with a consistent flow of work, but can be done on a flexible basis.


That’s my February, folks.

Hope y’all have a faaabulous March. We’re already 5 days in. Where did it go? 🙂


Miss Ebelicious.

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