Online Earnings: December 2013

I’m cool with my earnings in December. I wanted to make more than I did in November. And I did. By about $50 :).

December total: $157.74…

(any figure in brackets is how it was received)

  – Blog commenting – $71.02

  – Clixsense (gpt) – $37.54

  – Writing – $29.34

  – Swagbucks (gpt) – $8.18 (£5.00)

  – Pinecone Research (survey) – $4.88 (£3.00)

  – Gift Hunter Club (gpt) – $4.00

  – Qmee (paid to search) – $2.77 (£1.71)

  – CloudCrowd – $0.01

(read: Pinecone review | Gift Hunter Club review | Swagbucks reviewCloudCrowd review)

Surprise performance is Clixsense (read this post). Very happy with that figure as I didn’t go in expecting to make that in a month. I cashed out four times.

I mentioned in the previous post that I’m alternating between using Clixsense and Gift Hunter Club. I work on one site, cash out, then go to the other and do the same. I now want to focus more on Clixsense this month as their tasks and videos pay better. I also sometimes see tasks on there that I don’t see on Gift Hunter. Their bonuses are also better. If I made $37.54 there last month, I wanna see if I can manage $50 this month.

January Plans…

I have no specific plans for January except that I’d like to make more than I did last month. I have a figure of $200 in mind. More would obviously be welcome, but $200’s what I’m aiming for.

Have a great month, y’all, and an uber amaaaaazing 2014 :).

Miss eb.


  1. Tara

    Have you signed up for sendearnings yet?

    I signed up for the new sites I found on your blog. How do you get paid for blog commenting & writing?

    • miss eb.

      Hi Tara…

      Thanks for passing by.

      I used to be with a lot of GPTs, but cut right down on those. I only use a small handful now. Not looking to add more.

      Thanks for signing up through me. Let me know how it goes for you and/or if I can help.

      Also email me a list of the sites you’re with so I can return the favour. Hopefully there’ll be a couple.

      Blog commenting/writing: I don’t write anymore, but when I used to, I got gigs mostly on a site called Digital Point forums, particularly their Content Creation section. I wrote a review about the forum here. I also found some blog commenting opportunities there, and on You might already know about Fiverr – you advertise a service for $5 an order.

      take care and thanks again for passing through.

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