Online Earnings: December 2012 + Total 2012 Earnings…

2012 has flown by. For me, anyway. I remember early 2012 and the things I wanted to have achieved by the end of it. It’s easy to make promises when the year is still fresh. It’s easy to be hopeful. But what I’ve learnt, looking back on another year, is that wishing and dreaming is all well and good, but that’s the easiest part.

I’ve also learnt the year is helpless if each day that makes it up isn’t taken care of. In a way, the day is more important than the year, the hour more important than the day, the minute resides over the hour, the second over the minute – each moment is the true king/queen.

Anyhoo, I’m done with my Tony Robbins impersonation. Ahem. Onto zee earning part. 🙂


December Total: $224.89…
(any figures in pounds means it’s how I was initially paid.)

Writing (priv clients): $165.04 (blogging – $160.59; Squidoo lens creation – $4.45)

Playing slots (jackpotjoy): $16.13 (£10.01)

Fiverr: $15.68 | (blog commenting, forum posting)

Clixsense (gpt): $8.05 | (I’m categorising Clixsense as a GPT site. Used to be strictly a PTC, but there are added ways to earn there now)

Swagbucks (gpt): $8.05 (£5.00) | {read my Swagbucks review}

Cashle (gpt): $5.39 | {read my Cashle review}

– Pinecone Research (survey): $4.86 (£3.00) | {read my Pinecone Research review}

Survey Mad: $1.35 (New GPT site. Joined 27th Dec. Cashed out twice. Will write a review schoon.)

– QuickRewards Network (gpt):  $0.22 | {read my QuickRewards review}

– Cloudcrowd $0.12 (did a couple of quick tasks) {read my CloudCrowd review}


2012 Total: $3003.90…

Writing (priv clients): $1466.91 (blogging – $1061.62; reviews – $388.92; other – $16.37)

Blog commenting: $425.50 (priv clients – $315.74; fiverr – $109.76)

Playing slots: $338.46 (£214.93) (jackpotjoy, vic chandler, 32red | I’ve scaled things right back. I only play jpj now – few times a mth.)

Forum posting: $247.21 ( – $201.54; fiverr – $27.44; other: $18.23)

Advertising: $232.68

GPTs: $180.76 (Clixsense – $51.12; Swagbucks – $49.06; UniqueRewards: $41.26; TreasureTrooper – $23.01; Cashle – $13.77; Survey Mad – $1.35; FreeUKPounds – $0.69 (£0.45); QuickRewards – $0.50)

Surveys: $70.23 (£44.16) (Pinecone Research UK – $33.21 (£21.00); Consumer Intelligence (now Viewsbank) – $19.16 (£12.00); Crowdology – $6.46 (£4.16); GfK WISAD – $6.25 (£4.00); Opinion Outpost UK – $4.15 (£3.00); Pollbuzzer – $1.00) | (*pollbuzzer – you get paid $1.00 for completing one multiple-choice question. That’s it. I’ve only ever gotten one survey so far.)

Clickworker: $32.16 (paid to complete tasks)

PTCs: $5.53 (You Cubez – $4.95 (£3.09); CashnHits – $0.58) | read my: CashnHits reviewYou Cubez review)

Amazon UK: $2.35 (£1.46)

– Cloudcrowd:  $2.11


I was hoping in December that I’d hit the $3000 mark. Just over $3000 sounds better to me than just under. It’s just a personal thing with me, so I’m happy I managed that.


In 2013…

I want to:

– look at some of the ways I earn – shift gears – earn more

– drop the eggs that are doing me very little good

– explore advertising. I can see the potential there.

– look at selling ebooks on Kindle.

– move this blog to its own domain. Waaay overdue.

These are just some of the things I wanna do/explore.

I basically want to make more money this year. And I will. No ifs or buts. I will.


Have a FAB 2013, people!

Rock it. Spin it. Throw it through the air and slam dunk it.

Show it all your feathers. All your feathers.

Here’s to life, living aaaaaand chocolaaaaaaaaaaaate!

E to the B to the E, L, E.


  1. Klicked_on_It!!!

    Hey there Miss Eb, great break down of all the different opportunities. My short term goal is to achieve the $3000 to $4000 slot in a year so thank you for showing us all that it is indeed possible and thank you so much for spelling it out if factual print for us to see with our own eyes. As usual, great job!!!

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