Online Earnings: April 2015…

I finished the month out at $136.81. It’s down from March, but considering I was only at $27 a couple weeks ago, and I was away for 5/6 days, $136 isn’t bad.

Earnings Breakdown:

 – Proofreading: $114.20 (from the proofing gig mentioned in previous posts; for work that comes in as & when, and shift work.)

 – Gift Hunter Club: $12.00 (mostly doing Crowdflower tasks)

 – Clickworker (crowdsourcing, task-based site): $8.03 (7.13 euros)

 – Info about proofreading gig: $2.58


Proofing: I cut back on shift-based work in March and work every other week now – so one week on and one week off. This suits my flow for now because by the time the week’s done, I’m ready to take a break from the routine.

Gift Hunter Club: Didn’t use this site that much last month. Same goes for Clickworker.

Info about proofreading: I have a password-protected post where I share info about the proofing gig I do. I charge $3.00 for access. Sold one in April.



I hope to make more than I did last month. I’m expecting a couple payments soon, which will take me about halfway there. May’s going to be pretty busy for me, family-wise, so I have to be organised where online work’s concerned.


Have a schuper month, y’all 🙂


Miss Eb.

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