My Earning Methods: Shifting Things Up a Gear – Part 2…

OK, so my plan this month was to focus on one of the ways I earn online and put more energy into it in order to make more money from it. Last month (part 1), my focus was on Swagbucks and CloudCrowd and I think the increased effort paid off. I went from earning £5/month with Swagbucks to making £10 last month and I’m on course to make the same this month, possibly more. I made over $80 at CloudCrowd – the most I’ve made in a good while.

This month, I’m focusing on the blog commenting service I offer on Fiverr, updating it so I can get more orders… …or rather, I should be focusing on it. I haven’t really gotten into it yet. I did cut down on the gig completion time from 7 days to 4 days. I also added a couple of gig extras to it, but that’s about all I’ve done this month.

We’re almost halfway through the month so I need to get my skates on. Pronto’ish.

I do get some blog commenting orders on Fiverr despite the fact I don’t promote it that much, but I haven’t really made the most of the potential Fiverr presents.


So zee plan izzz:

– to look at my existing gigs and see if I can tweak them further.

– promote them in a number of places

– add three more gigs

– promote those

– get into the general habit of promoting my gigs regularly (a habit I really need to learn)

That’s it. Two weeks to work on this and see some kind of improvement.

Wish me Lucy. 🙂



  1. Klicked_on_It!!!

    Great stuff on Gift Hunter Club, Cloud Crowd and Swagbucks, Miss Eb! I just haven’t been able to stay focused on Cloud Crowd and with Swagbucks I simply don’t want another search engine menu bar on my desktop but you are proving that they both do indeed pay off. Thanks again, you never let us down!

  2. ebele

    Hi there 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words at the end.

    Cloudcrowd: it’s cool. If you get to it, you get to it.

    For Swagbucks, the search engine isn’t downloadable. You use it online in Swagbucks. What’s downloadable is the Swagbucks toolbar, but that’s totally optional. It doesn’t have that huge an impact on how much you earn. I have it installed on one of my browsers but rarely use it, so hardly any of my Swagbucks earnings have come from that.

    Take care now…

  3. Georgiana Jarvis

    I have read of people trying to generate income online, but I guess you really put effort and time on it. Though I don’t practice this, I can see the convenience of earning money while sitting in front of the computer has brought to people. How great it is to earn money while doing what you love! Kudos to you!

  4. ebele

    Hey Georgiana 🙂

    Thanks for passing through and leaving a comment.

    I think it’s relatively easy to make a bit of money online. However, the more one wants to make, the more effort, time and focus it takes – so it goes from easy to not-so-easy.

    Earning from home can be convenient, but comes with its pros and cons.

    I’d love to earn money doing what I love. I don’t think I’m there yet.

    Take care…

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