My Earning Methods: Shifting Things Up a Gear – Part 1…

In my Jan 1st post, I mentioned I wanted to look at some of the ways I earn and up it a gear or two. That’s what I’ve been doing with the following:



I’m back working on CloudCrowd tasks again. I haven’t done that in a good good while – over a year ago – apart from the occasional task here and there. I used to earn good money there until my credibility score took a big hit (my fault – I’m usually quite vigilant) and I was unable to do certain tasks.

Anyway, I’ve managed to get my cred back up. So far, so good. The tasks I’m doing are cool. They don’t take me that long. The pay varies from 25 cents to $10 per task for the ones I’m doing. I’ve earned $45+ so far. I’m being hyper careful, only completing the ones I’m 110% confident about. Though I’m wary about losing my cred again, I’m ready should it happen.

It wasn’t originally my plan to add CloudCrowd to my earnings list, but since there are tasks there I can now do, I’m gonna stick with it for now and put my back into it.

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What I used to do with Swagbucks was the absolute minimum. I’d do the daily poll, the NOSO and do one search a day, maybe two. That was about it. I’d miss some days too. And then once a month, I’d reach the minimum I needed to request a £5 Paypal gift card and that would be it.

I’ve started doing a lot more on Swagbucks now. I watch videos, I attempt surveys, I try some free offers, I play games sometimes. It’s made a difference. I’ve cashed out one £5 Paypal gift card so far this month. And another one is on its way. I’m aiming to make it a third by the end of the month. (update – 28/01: Cashed out a 3rd y’day! Don’t think I’ll get it by month end though.)

I also try and reach the daily goal Swagbucks sets, because when I do, I get additional swagbucks (rewarded the following month). I don’t always attempt to hit the daily, but so far, I’ve reached enough daily goals to make 89 additional swagbucks. This will be credited on Feb 5th.

I’m spending more time on Swagbucks, but it doesn’t feel unproductive – I know what I’m looking for when I’m there – I do it. In all, it’s probably an average of 10-30 mins spent a day (the higher end if it’s a survey). I sometimes check at some points in the day to see if there are new videos to watch. If I have the energy for a survey, I’ll look for one. There isn’t always one for me and I don’t always qualify, but when I do, that makes the difference too.

I’m seeing all these ways to earn on Swagbucks that I never used to explore.

I’ve also found the MoneySavingExpert forum really useful. The Up Your Income section has a Swagbucks thread that I pass through often for tips and advice.

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I plan to look at my blog commenting service and explore ways I can increase my moneymaking efforts in that area. Promotion is key, which is something I’ve been doing very little of.

Laters, peoplez. Have a good weekend. 🙂



  1. boyuancy

    Hi Ebele. GetPaidtoFart is one of my favorite blogs, if not the most favorite. There are a lot of reasons to why I like the blog so much, the most important one being the fact that I really (REALLY!) like your brand of humor and how you make your posts so fun to read. I keep recommending your blog to anyone and everyone I can.

    You said that you wanted to up your earning methods so I’m here so help you by giving you some input. I am an online earner too and I’ve been doing it for about 2 years now.

    I think you can increase your Fiverr earnings by becoming a level 2 seller. I know it is not easy but it can be done. Try creating gigs that are similar to the one that you already have. I see that your gig description is not very informative. How about changing it to “I will write and post 7 comments on your blog with 7 different names for $5″? You can increase/decrease the number of words and put it up as another gig:”I will write 5 comments on your blog of 150 words or more for $5” or “I will write 10 comments on your blog of 50 words for $5” or something similar that you can do without breaking your back. It’s all about being “creative” (I hope you know what I mean :)).

    I hope you didn’t mind me offering you advice. Have a great year ahead of you and keep the awesome posts coming…

  2. ebele

    Hey boyuancy 🙂

    Aww, thanks for the compliment. *blush, blush* And thanks for recommending it to people. Would like to return the favour in some way if I can. If you have a blog and you think it’s relevant to mine, I’d be happy to place it in my blogroll if you’re fine with that. Email me.

    I don’t mind the advice you’ve given at all. Much appreciated. I really like your suggestions – to offer variations of what I currently have on there. I like it. Definitely something to mull over. Thanks again. 🙂

    I hope you have a schuper year too. *blink, blink* *smile*

    Take care and thanks for passing by and leaving a comment.

  3. paidtasks

    Hello Blog Owner,

    This was a really great read! I usually don’t read through the whole thing when I’m blog browsing, but the way you explained everything really captured my attention.

    I’ve been making money online since 20011, not too long, but have also made a decent amount of money. I see you’ve made over $6000 in your few years, very nice man, can’t say I’m at the same level yet but kudos!

    Out of all the sites you talk about, ClixSense is really the only one I’ve tried, but I am going to sign up on a few of the ones you mentioned.

    Can you please check out my blog here:

    I have put a lot of hard work into writing it, to help other internet marketers discover the best site that is online.

    It also has these “CrowdFlower Tasks” you speak of, just with a different name. Try it out and be sure to read all 3 of my posts, it’s very good info and seeing as you are looking to make money this might help with your adventures!

    Hope to see more posts by you, thanks for the read!

  4. ebele

    Hey there,

    Thanks for your comment. Really appreciate the compliment too. 🙂

    The amount I’ve made: doesn’t feel like I’ve made that amount. Maybe if I’d saved it, it would have. It evaporates as soon as it hits my account, but I’m grateful for it nonetheless.

    I checked out your blog. I like how detailed you are with the write-up for the site you mentioned (Neobux). I also like that you broke it up into steps.

    I tried Neobux years ago. Then tried it again some time later. I just about broke-even, then called it a day after that.

    I moved on from PTCs a good while ago and only really use Clixsense (which has grown to be more of a GPT than a PTC in the pure sense of the word). I don’t even use Clixsense that much these days either.

    You’re doing really well with Neobux. Well done. 🙂

    If you don’t mind me suggesting, maybe you could write about why and when you joined Neobux and how you came to make the amount that you have. Some readers might find it useful and motivating.

    re: Crowdflower tasks – since CF tasks are also available on the GPT sites I’m with (Swagbucks, SurveyMad, Cashle), it’s not a motivation for me to rejoin Neobux.

    I, likewise, hope to see more posts on your blog. 🙂

    Take care and thanks again for leaving a comment.

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