I Was Planning to Make $500 This Month, But Erm…Well…Ahem…

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…it’s not quite going to plan.

I’ve made $193.76 so far, which is cool – especially as it’s not mid month yet. Usually takes me longer. So that’s good.

However, I’m looking at the landscape of the next 18 days…and it’s tumbleweed.

Well, kinda.

I have the regular two blog posts I write every week. And I’m expecting a bit from Fiverr this month.

Those two will take me over $200.

And that’s about it really.


I need to kick my ass into touch…

I need to believe I can make $500 this month, regardless of whether I actually do or not. Maybe that’s more important. The belief.

That’s been one of my problems. That and believing Big Mama can actually do what she wants to do. Can choose what she wants to do.

I’m gon do it, Big Mama says. I’m gon do it.

(p.s.: in case any of y’all are wondering, Big Mama and I are one and the same. My alter egos come and go!)


There are still 18 days left…

…so we’ll see.





  1. Dion Lynk

    Time for a brand revamp! Why don’t you pay me 500.00 and I’ll take care of that for you 😀 The belief is really half the battle. I truly believe that I can one day make online income, my primary income. I’m sticking to it, because I’ve seen what 1000.00+ per month looks like. If you can make 100.00 per month consistently, you can make 1000 and then 2500 and its really up to your vision. Good to hear from you.

  2. ebele

    Hey Dion 🙂

    Hehe! Very funny with your brand revamp remark!

    I believe it will be your primary income, especially if you’ve already had a sizable taste of it.

    I guess there’s a part of me that believes I can do it or else the thought and desire wouldn’t occur in the first place. I’ve made more than that online before, years ago. I can do it again.

    Good to hear from you too.

    Take care…

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