Clixsense Update: $50 Aim This Month. How’s Big Mama Doing?

Hey, human peoples.

Since it’s getting to zee end of the month, and I was aiming to make $50 this month on Clixsense, I thought I’d post an update on how things are going there for me.


Ahem. Drum rooooooll….

So far, I’ve made $41.77, leaving me with $8.23 to go to hit my $50 target. The next cash-out is this Friday which is also the last day of the month.

I think I can do it. 🙂


£5.00 Task Bonus…

With the Crowdflower tasks on Clixsense, you get a $5.00 bonus for every $50.00 worth of tasks you do. I’m less than $8.00 away from getting a $5.00 bonus. So, if I can make cash-out by this Friday, I’ll be getting that too.


Crowdflower Tasks…

Had it not been for the tasks on Clixsense, I wouldn’t have made as much as I do there. I also doubt I’d still be using the site. The tasks really do make up a majority of what I make there. I could have done them anywhere else as there are a number of other sites that host Crowdflower tasks, but Clixsense pays one of the highest rates for them.

(read my write-up about Crowdflower tasks)



I don’t spend that much time doing tasks. Most of the ones I do come up late at night. I’m a night butterfly anyway, so it works for me.

Not gonna lie though; there have been a few times when I haven’t been bothered to do them – felt tired, bored. I think that’s natural and to be expected considering I do them most nights.



All in all, I’m cool with how things are going with Clixsense. Would be nice to hit the target I set myself, but if I don’t, it’s cool. If anything, I’ve made more there than I did last month, so it’s all good.


Big Mama Miss Eb. 🙂


  1. Ayush

    You said that the tasks you work on come up late night. Can you please tell me at what time and what time zone you are in?

    • miss eb.

      Hi Ayush…

      I’ve hardly done any of the late-night tasks this week (the Fisher ones), so I’m not sure what time they come up.

      The following forum thread about Clixsense is useful ( Having leafed through the most recent pages, the Fisher tasks have been coming up around 1am (GMT – that’s also the time zone I’m in). / The time isn’t set in stone though. Sometimes it changes, but it’s always late nights.

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