Clixsense: My Site of the Month (Surprisingly)…

clixsenseI didn’t think I’d be saying this. I really didn’t. But I have to say, having used Clixsense this past month, I’m quite impressed with it.

So far this month, I’ve made and cashed out close to $30 there. And I’m due to make another cash out in a couple of days.

I was aware Clixsense was no longer really a paid-to-click site, that money could also be made by completing tasks, offers and surveys. I was mostly doing tasks there (Crowdflower tasks). But I moved on from it about a year ago after I found other sites where I could still do those tasks and cash out at a much lower minimum (Clixsense’s min payout is $8.00, or $6.00 if you’re a premium member).

So there was nothing really keeping me there once I found those other sites, sites like Cashle (min. payout: $1.00 via Paypal) and Gift Hunter Club (min. payout: 240 points – equiv to $2.00 via Paypal).


So why did I go back then?

Weeeell, I had a couple of dollars in my Clixsense account, dollars I didn’t have the energy to reach the minimum on. Earlier in the year, I’d dwindled the GPTs I used from a handful to just one main one: Gift Hunter Club, and a secondary one: Swagbucks. I didn’t have the energy for or interest in any others, including Clixsense.

However, along with the few dollars in my Clixsense account, there was a $5 bonus waiting for me if I completed $50 worth of Crowdflower tasks. The bonus wasn’t a surprise; I’d been aware of it for a while. You get that everytime you complete $50 worth of tasks.

Back when I was with Clixsense, I’d completed enough tasks to reach the $36 mark. So this month, I summoned up the energy to go back and work towards that $50 mark so I could get the bonus. My plan was to then move on once and for all as soon as I got it as I was happy with Gift Hunter Club and its lower min payout.

But here’s the thing…

I’ve managed to make close to $30 this month. Wasn’t expecting that. If you take away the $5 task bonus (which I eventually received – yay!), that’s still $25 in the kitty. With another cash out likely to be on its way by the time this month’s out, that’s about $35 in total.

I’ve therefore had to reconsider saying bye…because…

– Clixsense actually pays a higher rate per completed task than Gift Hunter Club

– sometimes, there are tasks I find on Clixsense that I don’t find on Gift Hunter

So now I just alternate between the two…

I’m still quite fond of Gift Hunter Club, so what I’ve been doing this month is alternating between it and Clixsense. I work on one site, reach payout, then work on the other and do the same.


The key for me, on both sites, is the tasks…and being a night owl…

Most of my earnings from these two sites have come from doing Crowdflower tasks; you’ll find these tasks embedded in a number of other GPT sites: Swagbucks, Cashcrate, Cashle, etc. These are usually short and varied and pay anywhere from a cent to 70 cents per completed task. It’s more at the lower end, in my experience – a cent to 21 cents per task. It all adds up though.

I tend to stick to the Fisher tasks and the casino tasks. They pay 7 cents and 8-10 cents per task on Clixsense (lower on Gift Hunter). I find them relatively quick to complete, about 30 secs to a minute per task (for those particular ones).

Occasionally, new tasks will pop up; there was a categorisation one that was for 21 cents each. Took a bit longer, but I completed 15 of those.

The Fisher and casino tasks tend to come out late (b/w 11pm and 2am GMT), which suits me fine as I’m a night owl :).


So, yah…

Clixsense is (surprisingly) my site of the month. Didn’t see that coming. Though my initial aim was to duck in, then duck out once I got the bonus, I plan to stick around longer, if the earnings are anything to go by.


Peace, pizza and purple pyjamas…

Miss Eb.



  1. Young Work at Home Moms

    This is interesting. I have heard of this site but I thought it was affiliate marketing. Now after seeing your thoughts on it I may have to check it out this year. It would be a great way for me to productively procrastinate.

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