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Proofreading: I Want to Make $50 a Week. (Update – Week 3: I Did It!!!)

I did it! I reached my target! Squee!

This is my third attempt at my $50-a-week target. First week, I made $33.00. Second week, I came so close to making it, but ended up with $41.22.

But this week, mama was a beast! Mama was a rottweiler! Target reached with a couple days to spare. 🙂



Again, as mentioned in a previous post or two, I think it helps that I’m a night owl, because that’s when I find a lot of the work comes through on the site I’ve been working on.

I’d like to keep making this amount a week, and more if I can. 

I’ve never had the site open all day. I might do that one of these days, out of curiosity, to see what’s possible.

I’d also like to explore other ways I can make money with what I already know, with a language that’s like second nature to me. I feel it might be an easier way for me to earn.

I’m looking to make $50-$100 a day online. Eventually.

Baby steps. Baby steps. 

I ain’t playing this year, though (or rather, I’m playing, but seriously). I have debts to let go of, bills to pay and much twirling to do.



First ClixSense Payment of the Month!

Having recently gotten back into Clixsense after taking a break from it last month, below is my first payment for the month. I already had about $3.00-$4.00 in there from when I stopped using it in March, so it didn’t take me as long to reach the minimum payout. I’ll aim to cash out again for this Friday or Monday.

Anyway, here it is:



take care, y’all…

Miss Eb.

Clixsense Update: Three Payments This Month So Far!

In my last post, I mentioned I wanted to make $50 this month on Clixsense. Weeeell, I’m about halfway there ($24.72)! At this rate, I should hit my target by the end of the month (hopefully. fingers and ears crossed.)

Proof of Payment…




I made it all without referrals. Schomeone please pat me on the back :). *chuckle!*

Not that referrals aren’t welcome, though 😉

Anyway, that’s moi and Clixsense for now. Just thought I’d update y’all. A little over $25 to go. Aaaaaand she’s off!

Laters, peoplez…

Miss E to the b.