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Making Money with Surveys: If I Can Do It, So Can You…

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making money with surveys
I frequent a lot of forums as it can often be a fertile ground for learning and exchanging ideas and experiences. At times, some members will ask about surveys and whether it’s actually possible to make money doing them. Well, I’m proof that it’s definitely doable. Yes, there are scams out there, but you can still find reputable survey sites that can make you some good pocket change. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really take that much time: most of the surveys I do are usually on average 10-20 mins long. Focus group (face-to-face) surveys are the exception. Those are usually 1-2 hours long, but they tend to be super interesting and pay very very well.

Making money with surveys is possible. Couple of tips for you:

– commit to spending 30 mins to an hour a day doing surveys. Take weekends off if you want. Up to you.

– keep a spreadsheet of all the survey sites you’re a member of, the money/points you’ve accrued, and the actual money/vouchers you’ve cashed out to date.

– taking surveys can get tedious and boring, so put some music on in the background, have some nibbles to hand and a nice cup of coffee, tea or a small glass of wine to keep you company. Taking some time out from doing them altogether can also help. I’ve been known to take days, weeks and even a month off from doing them. I feel refreshed coming back to them after that.

– set yourself challenges, for e.g., do 2 surveys a day for a week, 3 surveys a day the following week, 4 surveys a day the week after that, then take the next week off. Or you could look for a new survey site every week for the next month. Set your own targets.

Whatever you plan on doing online to make money this year: surveys or otherwise, hope you learn beautifully from it and have bucketloads of success with it.


Survey Update…

I haven’t done too badly with surveys this year. Last year, I barely made $80 doing surveys, but this year I’ve made over $300 from it so far:

(Updated Dec 16th)

Jan – $69.82
Feb – $46.47
Mar – $15.60
Apr – $13.30
May – $13.89
Jun – $11.54
Jul – $65.92
Aug – $59.13
Sep – $17.94
Oct – $0.00
Nov – $22.43
Dec – $11.65

Total: $347.69

(Most payments were received in pounds. However, I’m used to dealing in dollars; hence the dollar reflection. I calculated the exchange rate at time of payment receipt.)


Pinecone Research$86.59 (£57.00)

Saros Research (focus group) – $51.96 (£35.00)

GlobalTestMarket$49.50 (£32.50) (though payout is $50, I was sent a chq in pounds. $49.50 was the dollar equiv when I rec’d the chq)

Home of Research$33.65 (£20.00) (i like the site but it takes FOREVER to reach payout. Don’t think I’ll be going back.)

MyVoice$28.66 (£20.00)

Toluna UK$17.00 (£10.00 discount voucher)

MySurvey UK$15.58 (£10.00)

Crowdology$14.30 (£8.79)

Wisad$13.12 (£8.00)

LightSpeed Panel (UK) – $10.84 (£7.00)

Ciao Surveys$9.85 (£6.00)

Indiefield$8.23 (£5.00)

Business school survey – $4.01 (£3.00) (not sure where I found this one so can’t put the link)

A.C.O.P$2.98 (£2.00)

OpinionWorld$1.42 (£1.00)

TOTAL: $347.69

The $500 Challenge…

I’m trying to see if I can make a total of $500 this year from surveys. I won’t be heartbroken if I don’t reach it, but it’s a challenge I’m setting myself nonetheless. I’d need to make $50 a month. My survey earnings tend to fluctuate (as you can see above) – I might make $15 in Sept, then make $45 the following month. It’s the way the cookie crumbles, but I’m curious to see if I can do it.

I’m beginning to dread doing surveys any longer than 15 minutes so that’s gonna be a challenge in itself. I find myself actually deleting them these days.

I’ve set up a twitter profile: Surveyosity. I’ll be updating my progress on a more frequent basis there.

Enjoy the rest of your week, y’all. Heave your dreams into it.

Too-doo-loo, tippity tip, Bob’s ya aunty…


Hello again, Toluna…

(I joined Toluna UK about a year ago, but was never really active on it. So I thought I’d pass by, check if my account was still active, have a snoop around and see what Toluna could do for me [if anything]).

What in the hell’s Toluna UK, ey, ey?

Keep your hair on and I’ll tell ya, ok?

Toluna UK is predominantly a poll/survey site as far as I can tell. The polls themselves don’t take long at all to complete as they’re mostly multiple-choice questions – you just pick one answer and you’re done. I’ve received a couple of surveys, but haven’t completed them ‘cos at the time, I just couldn’t be bothered. When it comes to surveys in general, I sometimes tire of the whole thing and need a psychological break. However, from the few I’ve received from Toluna, they take no longer than your average survey (i.e., 10-15mins).

You also get to test products for free. However, I feel Pinecone Research is better in that regard as Pinecone pays you to test products.

Who can join Toluna UK?

Only UK residents. But the good news is, Toluna has other sister sites you can join depending on where you live including:

Toluna (US)

Toluna (Canada)

Toluna (Ireland)

Toluna (Italy)

Toluna (Germany)

Show me the moneeeeeeey…

With Toluna, everything is based on points which you can then convert to vouchers. No cash, I’m afraid.

Vouchers you can convert to include:

– 1500pts: a prize draw ticket (for a £5000 monthly draw)
– 3000pts: free products with Vistaprint (you pay p & p though)
– 10,000pts: a £10 discount on a pamper day
– 60,000pts: a £10 Amazon voucher

Expect up to 8 weeks for a requested voucher to reach you. That’s a preeetty long time. Hmmm. Hopefully, ‘up to 8 weeks’ means it takes a lot less than that (more often than not).

Points per poll/survey…

Some of the polls pay and some don’t, but there are quite a lot that do. To give you an idea of paying-poll quantity, yesterday I completed over 30. Didn’t take long and didn’t feel like work either. I just did as much as I could tolerate and moved on. I’m not sure if that’s the norm with Toluna, whether they usually have that many paying polls. Only time will tell. Maybe they thought “hold up, we have a superstar in our midst – let’s lavish her with all the points we can muster”. Erm, I don’t know.

For the paying polls, you get a minimum of 15 points each. The questions are very straightforward. I’ve gotten a 30pt and 150pt poll too and those took me no more than a couple of minutes to complete. For the surveys, you get a minimum of 1000 to 20,000 points per completion.

How to build up your points…

– By joining…’cos you get a 500-point welcome bonus for that. (as I’m only a member of the UK one, I don’t know if you get a bonus in the other Toluna sites.)

– Complete the ‘Interests Surveys’ section. It’s the same thing as completing your profile. It helps Toluna find out more about you in order to figure out what surveys to email to you. The great thing is for each survey you complete in that section, you get 300 points. There are 16 surveys in total, so that’s a cool 4800 points.

– You also get a 2000pt bonus once you complete all the surveys in the Interests Surveys section.

– Do a handful or two of the mini 15pt polls.

– Do the slightly longer paying polls that tend to pay more. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of those though.

– Try doing the surveys you’re sent. Don’t be like me and pass on them. Alternatively, you can be like me. I’ll, like, totally take it as a compliment (’til it starts freaking me out).


I’m at 3,050 points at the mo’. I don’t have the patience for 60,000 points, so it’s good that there are a couple of other vouchers I can aim for. Think I’ll go for 10,000 pts and see what I can get with that.

I’m trying to streamline the amount of survey sites I’m with to just a handful, so I’m not sure how long I’ll stick with Toluna. Depends on how effortless I find it, how long it takes me to reach payout and how efficient they are at posting out vouchers when they say they will.

We’ll see.

(UPDATE: 23rd Jun – I’ve reached 10,535 points now. I ordered a £10 discount spa voucher (worth 10,000pts). I’m keen to see how efficient Toluna is at sending it out. We’ll see.)

(UPDATE: 5th Aug – Received my Toluna voucher today (via email). Took about 6 weeks. Proof below.)

toluna - proof of payment

Have a lovely week, people. Blow bubbles.


Pinecone Research: One of my Top Survey Sites…

(Updated May 2017)

My days of joining handfuls of survey sites are long gone. Pinecone Research
is one of the sites I joined some years ago and is one of the few I’ve remained with.

It’s one of the best survey sites around in my opinion and experience.

The surveys I receive are far from frequent (some folks get more. Depends on demographics). However, I’ve never had a survey from them that I haven’t qualified for.

Surveys usually last 10-15 mins and I usually get paid two to four days afterwards via PayPal.

How to join?

Well it’s a bit tricky as you can’t join directly through their site. For that, Pinecone tends to recruit via invitation-only or via banner ads placed on other sites. The banners are also placed randomly, so there really isn’t one site that can be pinpointed. However, you might have some luck if you try one of the following:

i) do a Google search for “Pinecone Research banner”.

ii) check the MoneySavingExpert forum (the Up Your Income section). On there, forum members sometimes post links to Pinecone banner ads they come across.

iii) this is one of the demographics Pinecone is currently looking for. If you live in the U.S. and:

    – you are male (18 upwards)

    – or between 18 and 24 years old (male/female/any ethnicity)

    – or Hispanic (male/female/18 upwards)

You can apply here.

How much does Pinecone Research pay?

For UK members, £3 per survey. US members, $3 per survey.

And how does it pay?

For UK members, it’s via PayPal or giftcard. For US members, it’s via PayPal, cheque or giftcard. I prefer PayPal payments as it gives me more flexibility in terms of what to spend it on, so that’s how I request payment.

How long does it take to receive payment?

The great thing about Pinecone is that unlike several survey sites, you don’t have to reach a minimum payout figure to receive payment. Once you complete a survey, the payment is processed the next business day. PayPal payments take 3-5 days to reach your PayPal account. I don’t know how long cheques or giftcards take as I’ve never requested one. However, if all payments are processed the next working day, then I suppose it’d take around the same time as a giftcard.

How frequently are surveys sent out?

I think it really depends on each individual’s income/status/background and what a particular survey is looking for. I’m female, single, in my 40s, with no children. I used to get one or two surveys every month. They’ve gotten less frequent over the past year or so. Sometimes I don’t get something for a few months, and sometimes I get two in one month. You might get more, you might get less.

Other stuff…

 – Only ONE MEMBER PER HOUSEHOLD can join Pinecone Research.

 – At times, you’ll be asked to complete a short survey. Usually doesn’t take more than 5 mins to complete. They send it to find out more information about you in order to establish what surveys to send to you in the future.

– Sometimes, Pinecone sends out products for testing (with your permission, of course). I never thought I’d be privy to that, but it’s happened twice and was enjoyable.

– After testing the product, you also get paid for completing a followup survey for it.

Couple of tips for ya…

– When you first join, Pinecone will send you a survey. It’s important you complete that first survey.

– Though Pinecone’s surveys are about different products, the format of their surveys tend to be the same. Once you get used to the rhythm of that, it makes taking them much easier.

In conclusion, my lord…

I don’t really enjoy doing surveys and admire those who do. Pinecone Research, however, is one of the few survey sites within my tolerance level. The surveys don’t take that long, the pay isn’t bad, and I don’t have to wait ages to reach payout before I see my money. Win-win situation all round, methinks! Plus, getting the odd product through the post makes me feel a bit special 🙂

Survey Earnings: December, January, February…

img credit: nyki_m

I generally find paid surveys easy to do, albeit sometimes long and boring. Doesn’t take a lot of brain power, just a bit of patience and honesty (and a glass of wine or some munchies for the real tedious ones).

I was already making a bit of money from surveys (about $80 last year) – but towards the end of last year, I set my mind on making more money from them. My thinking was if there were other good dependable survey sites out there that pay, then why not take advantage of them?

Which is what I did.

So far, my survey earnings over the past few months have been as follows:

December ’08 – $13.28
January ’09 – $69.82
February ’09 – $45.76

(p.s.: I actually received the above amounts in pounds. However, I’m so used to working online in dollars that it’s easier for me to add everything in dollars.)

I earned it from the following sites:

OpinionWorld – £5 ($7.36) – not a lot of paying surveys, but a few do pay.

American Consumer Opinion Panel – £2 ($2.98)

Pinecone Research – £15 ($22.00)

– LightSpeedPanel – £6 ($8.80)

Saros Research – £35 ($51.96) – focus group research – few & far between, but pays really well.

MySurvey UK – £5 ($7.10)

MyVoice – £20 ($28.66) – the surveys are quite enjoyable, actually.

(p.s.: Those were the pound-to-dollar exchange rates at the time I received payment.)


I’ll be writing a review along with proof of earnings about each of them (apart from LightSpeedPanel and Acop which I’ve more or less written about).


– Research a survey site THOROUGHLY before joining. is pretty good for reading up on some of the survey sites out there. Comments are left by people who’ve tried them.

– Don’t join every single survey site going. Cap it off at 10-12.

– After a while, you’ll notice the ones that are really working for you. Concentrate more on those. Get rid of the ones that are extremely inactive (decide whether it’s worth holding on to them ’til you reach payout and then cutting them loose – or whether it’s not worth waiting).

– Commit to spending up to an hour a weekday doing surveys. No more than that. Ok, 2 hours tops. Point is, don’t spend all your time online doing surveys.

– In my opinion, weekends and surveys tend not to mix. I don’t get that many surveys at the weekends, so don’t worry if you don’t either.

– A lot of survey sites will notify you as soon as there’s a survey available. But some won’t. In the case of the latter, it’s up to you to log on to their site to see if there are any surveys available.

Ok, that’s me done.

Have a great weekend, y’all.