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Proofreading: I Want to Make $50 a Week. (Update – Week 3: I Did It!!!)

I did it! I reached my target! Squee!

This is my third attempt at my $50-a-week target. First week, I made $33.00. Second week, I came so close to making it, but ended up with $41.22.

But this week, mama was a beast! Mama was a rottweiler! Target reached with a couple days to spare. 🙂



Again, as mentioned in a previous post or two, I think it helps that I’m a night owl, because that’s when I find a lot of the work comes through on the site I’ve been working on.

I’d like to keep making this amount a week, and more if I can. 

I’ve never had the site open all day. I might do that one of these days, out of curiosity, to see what’s possible.

I’d also like to explore other ways I can make money with what I already know, with a language that’s like second nature to me. I feel it might be an easier way for me to earn.

I’m looking to make $50-$100 a day online. Eventually.

Baby steps. Baby steps. 

I ain’t playing this year, though (or rather, I’m playing, but seriously). I have debts to let go of, bills to pay and much twirling to do.



Proofreading: I Want to Make $50 a Week. (Week 3)

I’m not doing too bad this week. Not doing bad at all. I’ve made $32.56 so far. 

Getting close to another $10.00 cashout (I get $9.26). After that, I just need to work up to another $10.00 (and receive it by Sunday) to reach my $50 target.

The way things have been going, I think I might reach it with a few days to spare. 🙂

I think it helps that I’m a night owl as there seems to be a bit more work at that time (UK time) and less people available to snap it up. Come morning, I have to be quicker on the ball as the work can go super fast.

I was so close to my target last week! I cashed out early on Sunday. Had I received it by the end of play that day, I would have reached my target. I received it the next day, however.

It’s all good though, because it gave me a good head start for this week.

My next post will be when I hit my target, which I’m fairly confident I will. I can taste it. 🙂