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Review: UniqueRewards…

It’s been a while since I reviewed a site, so I thought I’d try out this one: UniqueRewards.com.

UniqueRewards is one of a truckload of GPT (get paid to) sites I’ve seen out there, so in that sense the site’s not that ‘unique’. You get money for doing a variety of things including reading emails, taking surveys, checking out sites, shopping online and trying out products.

Who can join?

Only folks in the UK, US and Canada can join, unfortunately. Maybe they’ll open it wider in the future. Cashle used to be open to the UK/US only, then it opened its doors to all countries, so you never know.


Registration didn’t take me longer than a few minutes. When you register, UniqueRewards gives you a $5 sign-up bonus.

Note: When you fill in the registration form and get to Step 2, you don’t have to complete the offers on that page. I unchecked any checkboxes that were checked, clicked on FINISH and that was that. Also, on the page after that, I was asked to complete one of 2-minute offers in order to receive the $5 sign-up bonus. I didn’t. But I still got the $5 bonus in my account. 

Minimum payout/Payment methods…

The minimum payout is $20, which I think is quite high. However, the $5 sign-up bonus helps.

Payment methods are via Paypal and cheque. I’m obviously gonna opt for Paypal.

When do they pay?

Once you reach minimum payout, you’re paid the following Monday. I’m not a big GPT person, so if I manage to drum up the patience to reach the minimum, I’ll keep y’all posted on how long it actually took from the time I requested payment. They do have a referral program so that might help me reach the minimum quicker. We’ll see.

Their referral program…

– you earn $1 when your referral completes his/her first offer

– $5 per active referral. ‘Active’ in Unique Rewards land means for every $20+ your referral earns.

– you also earn 10% of all your referrals’ earnings

– there’s no limit to how many referrals you can have

Anyway, now I’ve joined the site, I’m gonna take a look around, see what’s up. Will update soon.



10TH SEPT 2011:

– I went to a section of the site known as Cash Clicks. There were 9 sites for me to view. For every one I clicked on and viewed for at least 30 secs, I got a cent. New balance: $5.09.

– Went back to my account and saw there were a group of Hot Offers for me to complete. I only did one worth 10 cents involving a travel site.

– Went to the Cash Offers section – completed one offer (joined Maximiles) – worth $0.50+ 10%. Not sure what the 10% means though.

– Offers take 12-48 hrs to be approved, so I’ll give it that and see what happens.

There are lots of offers available, but there aren’t many I really wanna complete, which is probably why I tend not to do that great with GPT sites. Some of the offers also look familiar as I’ve seen them on other GPT sites before. I’ll probably stick to the cash clicks, maybe try a survey or two every now & then aaaaaaand look out for the odd offer that I actually wanna join.


– The offers I did (worth $0.60) were approved yesterday. That’s pretty quick and is in line with the 12-48 hrs UniqueRewards says offers usually take to approve. I also received an extra 10% on top of that (6 cents) ‘cos they’re doing a promo for two days where you get an extra 10% on top of every offer that’s completed.

– There was a fresh batch of Cash Clicks to view – 11 this time – worth a cent each. So that’s an extra 11 cents.

New balance: $5.86.

14TH SEPT: Clicked on more cash clicks. I’ve done enough to notice that a fresh batch of clicks tend to appear every 24 hours b/w 12am-1am (GMT) ((scratch that – I assumed wrong)). I’ve also had a few cash emails to view (1 cent per email). Apart from that, nothing new to report.

New balance: $6.12.

17TH SEPT: Haven’t been doing anything else really but cash clicks and viewing a few cash emails. Might attempt one offer or survey today.

New balance: $6.51.

23RD SEPT: I’m at just over $7.00 now. Cash clicks, the odd cash email, that’s it. I’ve earned $1.32 in cash clicks since I joined, so that averages about $0.12 a day. I wanna speed things up, so I need to look at completing some offers.

New balance: $7.05.

28TH SEPT: I was at $7.50 or so yesterday. Then I logged into my account today and it had jumped to $8.76! Mama got an active referral, that’s what! (thank you, whoever you are – hope you earn good change).

New balance: $8.76.

5TH OCT: Edging closer to the halfway mark. I noticed I now have an image that appears in my account, showing someone walking towards a bag of gold – a measure of where I am regarding payout. Cute lil touch. 🙂

Another thing: once you receive your first $20 payout, you automatically earn more from completing offers. I think it’s something like 40% more. Will double check that and confirm.

New balance: $9.49.

10TH OCT: Halfway mark reached!

New balance: $10.00.

 I’m at just over $11 now.

New balance: $11.03.

30TH OCT: 
Surprise $5 bonus for an active referral!

New balance: $16.62.

16TH NOVEMBER: Getting there!

New balance: $17.79.

 Just under 50 cents to go now til I can cash out!

New balance: $19.51.



Payout requested. Paypal. From reading UniqueReward’s FAQ, it looks like they pay every Monday, so I should be receiving it soon.

 Got paid!