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[Urgent! Time Sensitive!] Do You Live in or Close to York (UK)? Get Paid for an In-Store Test!

I’ve mentioned uTest briefly before. It’s a crowd-based site that pays you to test various things out (websites, apps, etc.) to ensure things are working properly.

I joined the site earlier this year. So far, so good. Pay’s good. Varies. ope to get more work there in the future.

Do you live in or close to York?

uTest is currently looking for folks who live in or within driving distance of York to complete an in-store test. You’re required to go into the store once or twice a week ’til the end of August, on a day/time that suits you (completely up to you).

Pay: $50 an hour for 2 hours. (I don’t know if it’s 2 hours per visit or 2 hours in total over the duration)

Starts: Jul 24th.

If you’re interested in this, email: me (at) getpaidtofart (dot) com.