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First Clixsense Payment of the Month! (Jun)

I received it yesterday:


Really wanna buckle down and get more into Clixsense. I think I’m more or less done with Swagbucks for now. When I was really into using Swagbucks, the most I ever made in one month was £15.00. I can make more on Clixsense AND I have. January, I made $55.83. February, I made $35.55. March, I made $48.01. Took a break in April. Little time to use it in May, but made $17.74. And so far this month, I’ve made $13.67.

I want to narrow down and focus in.


Miss eb.

First ClixSense Payment of the Month!

Having recently gotten back into Clixsense after taking a break from it last month, below is my first payment for the month. I already had about $3.00-$4.00 in there from when I stopped using it in March, so it didn’t take me as long to reach the minimum payout. I’ll aim to cash out again for this Friday or Monday.

Anyway, here it is:



take care, y’all…

Miss Eb.