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Online Earnings: July and August 2016

Hello 🙂

Since I didn’t get round to posting about July’s earnings, I’m sharing that along with August’s.

July and August were quite a contrast. July was my lowest-earning month ($137.24), while August was my second highest ($294.45). A big part of that was a lucky win on slots (risk free too), plus I was more consistent with the proofreading.

(any amount in brackets is the currency in which it was received)

July: $137.24

 – Proofreading: $83.64

 – Testing: $13.45 (via uTest.com – pays to test sites & apps)

 – Slots: $13.27 (£10.00)

 – Surveys: $10.92 (£8.31) (Pinecone Research, Prolific Academic)

 – Spare5: $8.96

 – Gift Hunter Club: $7.00 (review)


August: $294.45

 – Proofreading: $138.90

 – Slots: $138.63 (£105.14)

 – Cashback: $13.07 (£10.00)

 – Gift Hunter Club: $2.00 (review)

 – Spare5: $1.85


Plans for September…

I’d like to make $10 a day proofreading (*info about the site I use). I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I’ll try. If so, then that’ll be $300 by the end of the month, and coupled with other bits and bobs, will make it my highest-earning month.

The thing is I’m likely to get bored by the effort, so let’s say this will be a challenge within a challenge 🙂 

I’m hoping there’ll be busy days where making the $10 will be easier, so I can opt out on some days. I’m likely to stick to the challenge that way.

I might aim for $200 instead as it would still be the most I’ve made in a month this year (via proofreading), but $300 would be nice. I could do with that.

Anyway, we’ll see.

Apart from that, I basically want to make more money this month. Today, I sensed a hunger for it. I hope it sticks around throughout the month.


Right, that’s me. Happy hoppy September, y’all. May it rock like it’s grooving to a new song it just heard. 🙂


Online Earnings: June 2016

Hello 🙂

I was about $5.00 shy of what I made in May. In May, I made $249.48. In June, I made $244.18.

I thought June would be a power of a month because of something I was planning to embark on. However, that thing didn’t happen, so I didn’t make as much as I’d hoped.

Still, a couple of hundred dollars isn’t bad. It’s just that I spend whatever comes through as soon as it comes through, so I’m not able to feel the real impact of a few hundred dollars. 

Anyway, here’s the breakdown:

(any amount in brackets is the currency in which it was received)

 – Proofreading: $83.34

 – Testing: $80.63 (via uTest.com – pays to test sites & apps)

 – Slots win: $40.14 (£30.04)

 – Surveys: $34.07 (£24.30) (Viewsbank, Prolific Academic)

 – Gift Hunter Club: $6.00 (review)

I focused a bit more on uTest last month, which reflects in my earnings. I also had a lucky win on the slots.

Proofreading continues to be one of my biggest earners, and has been for a good while. If you’d like to know the site I’ve been using, please read this post first, then contact me.

Surveys: It takes me ages to cash out from Viewsbank. Though I appreciated the money when it arrived, I’m not that enthused to use it again. | I used Prolific Academic more often last month. I find the surveys interesting and pay well. Plus minimum cashout’s £5.00 and pays fairly quickly once I request it. 


So that’s June. 🙂

Hello, July. Watchu got for me? Empty one of your pockets and sprinkle me with glitter, pweese. Thank you.


Online Earnings: March 2016

This update’s way overdue, but better late than never (I actually don’t think it’s always better to be late than never. Like, if you’re really late for an interview, it’s no consolation that it’s better to be late than never. But, anyway, I digress.)

With the way things were going in March, I was hoping to make $300. And I did! I made $305.93! Almost $100 more than I made in February. 🙂


– Proofreading: $181.46 (If you’d like to find out about the site that pays me to proofread, I have a post you can read. It’s password protected. Goes into some detail about it, along with screenshots, proof of payments and tips. Please read this other post first, though.)

Spare5: $80.90 (paid to complete short tasks on my phone or desktop. more info: Spare5 Webtasks | Spare5 on iOS)

– Testing: $37.25 (via uTest.com – pays to test sites & apps)

Pinecone Research: $4.32 (£3.00)

Gift Hunter Club: $2.00


This month…

I don’t feel I’m going to make as much as I made last month. However, if I make more than I did in February, I’ll be fine with that. I haven’t been as focused this month.

Anyway, there’s over a week left til the end of the month, so who knows, ey? 🙂



Online Earnings: February 2016

My aim was to make more than I did in January, and I managed that. 🙂

I made $209.46 (compared to $183.13 in Jan).

I’m happy with that.

My earnings were also varied last month, though a chunk of it was still via proofreading.


 – Proofreading: $184.90

 – Testing: $14.00 (via uTest.com – pays to test sites & apps)

 Spare5: $7.47 (paid to complete short tasks on my phone or desktop. more info: Spare5 Webtasks | Spare5 on iOS)

 – GPTs: $3.09 (Cashle, Gift Hunter Club)


How I’m doing this month…

Well, the way I’m going, March is looking to be better than last month. I’m about $70 away from surpassing last month’s earnings. I think it’s mostly to do with Spare5, which I started using a few weeks ago. I’ve earned roughly $30 there this month so far. 

Also, I’m doing pretty good with the proofreading. Made $46.00 last week and I’ve made $51.98 this week.

I have a feeling I might earn close to $300 this month. I’d be really pweesed if I do.


Buh byeeeee…


Online Earnings: January 2016

Very pweesed with my lot last month. I made $183.13. Almost all of it was from proofreading, so there’s not much of a breakdown to share.

$180.56 – proofreading.

$2.57 – password-protected blog post about how I make money proofreading.

That’s it. That’s my breakdown. Lol!


Proofreading: $50-a-week challenge…

I hit my target once last month.

Week 1, I made $33.00. Week 2: $41.22. Week 3: $55.86. Week 4: $46.00.

Though $50 a week is possible, and I appreciate making it, I also appreciate the other amounts made. Came in handy last month. Also, by setting myself the challenge, it’s been my highest-earning month since March last year.


What I’ve Learnt From January…

That a step a day amounts to a whole lot when you look back over the month and see how far you’ve come. It all adds up. You did that. You walked it.

That consistency, though boring at times, can be rewarding.


This Month…

Here’s to a fruitful February. I’d like to make more than I did last month. I’d like to be more courageous in the actions I take towards that. I’d like to be my biggest cheerleader, to have the belief that I can bring what I want to life because I can think it and do it.


(**To find out more about the site where I proofread, I have a password-protected post that goes more into it. $3.00 via PayPal gets you access. Also read the following post first.)