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Latest idea: Update

So, following on from yesterday’s post, where I was curious to see how much I could make (on the proofreading site I use) if I made myself available most of the day, here’s an update on how I did.

I made enough to request a $20.00 payment.

I logged into the site at 11.45 am and closed it around 1.30 am.

I didn’t literally work those hours. I didn’t do a 12+ hour shift. The work comes in sporadically; I do what comes through if I’m able to take it when it appears (I’m not the only one the work’s accessible to. First come, first served.)

Each piece of work takes me seconds to 4 mins to complete. Most take an average of a minute or so. 

I’ve done a rough count and I proofread around 73 segments of text throughout yesterday (I think it may have been more).

So, in total, let’s say I spent 73 minutes (1 hour 13 mins) minimum, and 292 minutes (4 hours 52 mins) maximum. If I was to do an average of the two, it’s roughly 3 hours spent. That works out at about $6.66 an hour.

The downside is that I didn’t make this in one 3-hour sitting. The upside is I wouldn’t want to! I like flexibility and don’t want to be tied to a set shift.

$6.66/hour isn’t fabulous, especially when converted to pounds (I’m in the UK) – but again, flexibility to log in and out when I want to, and do this work around other things. There’s basically no commitment required (apart from doing the job well, of course).


Today, I started earlier (9.30 am) and I’m getting close to making another $20.00. It’s a combination of having had a bit of a headstart before logging off yesterday and getting started earlier today. I think I might stick to earlier starts and see how that goes.

Since it looks like I can make $20 a day, that’s what I’ll aim for for the rest of the month. I might not be able to hit $20 everyday, because it depends on work volume, but at the very least, I can make $10.

That’s $300-$600 a month. I could do with it being closer to the latter.

The key, I think, is waking up early, doing as much as is available, hopefully reaching my target sooner in the day. Then I can let it go for the day.


Wish me luck. 🙂


Chance to Earn a Bit of Money (quick too) – Appen Butler Hill – VERY Time Sensitive… (UK English Native Speakers Only)

I was recently involved in a short data collection project with Appen Butler Hill
. Lasted about 45 mins to an hour for me. Pays $16 AUD (Australian Dollars) for completion (via Paypal in early August).

$16 AUD is roughly £8.80 GBP.

I’ve worked with Appen before on a couple other short projects.

For this data collection project, you’re given short sentences to record online. You have to complete 450 in total. They’re very short. Once you get into a flow, you’re done before you know it :). (at least it was for me)

You need a mic, net connection, and somewhere quiet.

If you follow the directions carefully, you should be OK. If I can do it, then… 🙂

Appen’s now looking for more people for this project…

I’ve been asked to invite nine people to the project, and have been given a unique code per person. If you’d like to take part, contact me.

You need the code to start the project. (p.s.: I do get paid for each person I refer that completes it.)

“All participants must be native speakers of English from the UK (any types of English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish accents are acceptable).”

The deadline to complete the project is 11pm (GMT) tomorrow (25/7). | (UPDATE: it’s since been extended to 26/7, 11.59 pm)


To take part, and for more info, please leave a comment below with your email …or email me: me (at) getpaidtofart (dot) com.

Miss Eb.