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June has been verrrrry slow so far

It’s the 13th of June and to date, I’ve only made just over $30.00.

Not good.

Huge reason why: Losing the proofreading gig (the site shut down last month).

I did have a handful of new clients after the site closed, but they’ve been very quiet this month. I’ve also had a few potentials, but most are yet to follow through.

I haven’t been as proactive as I could be in the gig-searching department; I hold my hands up to that.

There’s an online tutoring opportunity I applied for, so fingers crossed, I get it.

I’m also looking at Appen for more work. I get the odd job from them from time to time, but I’m aware they have more regular work, so I’ve reached out. Hopefully, something good will come of it.

Also posted my proofreading service in a few Facebook groups.

Weird month for earning so far. And also quite boring.

Will be more active in looking for work.



First Clixsense Payment of the Month! (Jun)

I received it yesterday:


Really wanna buckle down and get more into Clixsense. I think I’m more or less done with Swagbucks for now. When I was really into using Swagbucks, the most I ever made in one month was £15.00. I can make more on Clixsense AND I have. January, I made $55.83. February, I made $35.55. March, I made $48.01. Took a break in April. Little time to use it in May, but made $17.74. And so far this month, I’ve made $13.67.

I want to narrow down and focus in.


Miss eb.