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Digital Point forums: a freelance-writing review…

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(Update – Jan 24 2011: Please note that this review was written some years ago. I’m not as active on DP as I used to. However, I feel it’s still a useful read.)


Digital Point is a thriving collection of several forums. However, as this review is written from a content-provider point of view. I’m referring mostly to the Content Creation forum under their Buy, Sell & Trade section.

A significant amount of my online income has been earned through jobs I’ve gotten there including forum posting work, blog commenting, blog/article writing and proofreading work.


You can reply to posts in the Content Creation & Content sections, but you can’t create new topics of your own (threads) until you’ve been a Digital Point member for 14 days and have 25 posts. I don’t believe the rule applies to the Copywriting section.

You can easily reach the 25-post requirement as there are lots of other sub-forums you can participate in, not just those two sections.


– Clients are looking for writers. Writers are looking for work.

– Client X creates a thread mentioning what he/she wants done and the amount of people required.

– Writers who are interested either reply within the thread or send Client X a private message.

– Client X selects who he/she wants.

That’s it, really.

– Alternatively, you could create a thread offering your services, then clients who are interested in hiring you will get in touch by either private-messaging you or leaving a post on your thread.


– Though most writing opportunities can be found in the Content Creation section, you can sometimes find some in the general Services and Buy, Sell or Trade sections.

– There’s a whole range of topics being asked for, it just depends on what you’re interested in writing about.

– There are a lot of $0.01/word requests. If you can avoid doing those, do. However, if your cost of living is such that $0.01/word gigs are satisfactory, then go for it. I, for one, choose not to.

– Amongst the $0.01/word gigs, you can get some that pay much better. You might not get as many clients, but then you wouldn’t need as many if you’re getting paid at a better rate.

– Remember that after 14 days, you can create your own thread advertising your services in whatever topic interests you. Hopefully, someone will bite.

– DP have a rating system called ‘iTrader’. When you finish your gig, the client can either give you a positive or negative rating; you get the opportunity to do the same for the client. The higher your iTrader, the better your perceived reputation on the forum. This ‘apparently’ helps you secure more work as it means you can be trusted. I say ‘apparently’ as this isn’t always the case.

– Be careful. You can meet some great clients, crap clients and every other type of client in-b/w.

– Scammers are also part of the territory where money exchanges hands, so be mindful of that too. I’ve had one or two non-payers but it hasn’t been for much. Ask for a 25-50% deposit if you can before you start a gig. Sometimes I don’t ask for a deposit. I go on a hunch, and it’s worked out OK. However, I’m not recommending you do the same. Do so at your own risk.

– I studied the Content Creation section A LOT before I started posting up. It might be something for you to consider doing too.


Though I applied for one or two $0.01/word gigs in the beginning, thank God I got whooped upside the head with a bag of marshmallows and saw sense. In terms of pay, I’m now working towards what my ass is worth (i.e. big ass, big pay).

My experience on DP has mostly been a good one. I’ve written articles and blog posts as well as doing the occasional proofreading gig. I’ve written on travel, wine, children’s health, dating, art, etc. I basically go for the gigs I think I’ll enjoy writing about. I’ve also been paid to post on forums but that was very short-lived as I didn’t enjoy that so much.


Since the beginning of the year, I’ve made over $600 from gigs I got thru DP. Spread over 5 months, it’s not a lot of butter, but it’s better than sitting on my backside doing nothing. Like I’ve mentioned on occasion, I’m new to earning online – I’m still in awe of the fact that I can actually earn some kind of income online.


DP might not be for everyone who writes to earn. For every person who’s had a blast on it, there’s probably someone out there who’s had a complete and utter nightmare with it.

But it’s working for me (touch wood, touch wood, touch wood). And I’m as grateful as a prize-winning poodle fresh outta the hairdresser’s with a tattoo on each paw.

I am…