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February Update 2…

Just a quick update on the month since my last post.

I’ve made over $400 ($415.24). I was thinking, as I was edging closer to $400, that perhaps $500 was possible – but with a couple days left ’til the month’s out, I don’t think I’ll hit it. I got close, though. 🙂

Anyway, the month ain’t out yet, so who knows what could happen? Either way, it’s more than I made last month.

Proofreading accounts for a big chunk of the month’s earnings ($300+), followed by the Crowdflower tasks I do on Gift Hunter Club ($50+), then a couple other bits and pieces

(read more about CF tasks and Gift Hunter Club)

The company I proof for is fairly new – finding their feet, establishing/re-establishing rules. The rules have recently changed slightly for shift work, so I’ll be doing less hours from next month. It’s OK, though. Been keeping my eyes open for additional eggs; have signed up to a couple of things, so we’ll see what March brings with those.


Laters… 🙂

Miss Eb.

January Update 3: Proofreading/Gift Hunter Club/Crowdflower…

Just an update/follow-up from my last post.

Proofreading gig…

I started doing the extra hours for that on Sunday. It’s going well.

Though I have those extra hours, I can still do other things when I’m logged on for a shift, and still get paid. As long as I’m available for the flow of certain work when it comes in, it’s fine.

So, in between the flow of work, I sometimes do Crowdflower tasks on Gift Hunter Club.

Which brings me nicely to that 🙂 .


Gift Hunter Club/Crowdflower tasks…

So Gift Hunter Club is my chosen and preferred GPT (get paid to) platform for completing Crowdflower tasks. You can do them on a number of GPTs, but I like Gift Hunter Club (read more about Gift Hunter Club and Crowdflower).

Hadn’t done Crowdflower tasks in a while, but this month, I really got back into them, especially as I don’t have any clients anymore (my decision).

I’ve made $66.00 on Gift Hunter Club this month so far, most of which has been from completing Crowdflower tasks. The rest is from the rewards Gift Hunter gives me when I complete a certain number of tasks a day/week, and when I’m in the top 10 taskers, and also when I use Gift Hunter everyday for a week (Mon to Sun).

I’ve never made this much with Crwodflower tasks or via Gift Hunter Club or any GPT platform. The most I’ve ever made on Gift Hunter in a month doing CF tasks is $20. When I used to use Clixsense a lot and do CF tasks there, the most I made there in a month was about $55.00.

So this month really is my highest earning month re: GPT/Crowdflower tasks!

Part of the reason for that was a study/survey (CF task) I took part in that paid extremely well, about $25 altogether. Was shocked and well pleased about that 🙂 .

You sometimes get surveys/studies that randomly pop up in CF tasks and pay quite well. I don’t recall seeing them this time last year. This is the first time I’ve seen and been part of one that paid that good.


There’s about a week and some change to go for the month, so let’s see what that brings.

How’s your January been? Let me know if you feel to.


Earn with Crowdflower tasks…

Crowdflower tasks are all the rage these days. If you haven’t heard about it before, it’s basically loads of people doing mini tasks in order to complete a job. It’s similar to what CloudCrowd does, and Clickworker, and Amazon Turk I guess. Rather than give one person one huge job, you divvy it up amongst lots of people. Gets the job done quicker.

Crowdflower mini tasks are owned by a crowdsourcing company, Crowdflower. They are not to be confused with CloudCrowd. These are two separate companies.

You can’t do the mini tasks directly on Crowdflower’s site. Rather, the tasks are hosted by different paid-to sites including:

Cashcrate (known as ‘cash tasks’)

Cashle (known as ‘recurring tasks’)

Gift Hunter Club (‘tasks’)

Clixsense (‘tasks’)

Survey Mad (‘daily tasks’)

Swagbucks (‘tasks’)

Quickrewards Network (‘daily tasks’)

TreasureTrooper (‘cash tasks’)

– FusionCash – apparently does it but I’m not a member there as the site’s only open to US residents.

– Crowdflower tasks are also available on Amazon Turk.

So if you want to do any Crowdflower tasks, those are some of the sites you can go to do them. If you’re with other paid-to sites, check if they have them. They might do.


What you need to know…

– The tasks you get depend on your location.

– Tasks vary from answering questions about sites to categorising daily deals to flagging images that have adult content.

– The pay per task is not that great, but it can add up.

– Each GPT pays differently – in cents, pennies, points, etc. Depends on the GPT.

– The easiest ones I’ve found are the ‘answering a few questions about a website’ tasks. Those are fairly quick to do, but disappear just as quickly. (*they’re for UK residents only.)

– Task pay can vary from GPT to GPT. For e.g., for the ‘answering a few questions about a website’ tasks, Swagbucks pays 4 swagbucks per task (roughly 4 cents), Cashle pays 5 cents per task while Survey Mad and Clixsense pay 7 cent per task.

– Most mini tasks reset themselves every 24 hours. There are some that take longer to reset.

– Crowdflower tasks are usually advertised as you being able to do an unlimited amount of tasks. In my experience, that is not true. There are only so many tasks I’m allowed to do.

– Say you hit your limit with a particular task. You cannot do that same task on a different GPT site, not until it resets itself (24 hrs minimum). Crowdflower’s system remembers.

– Some Crowdflower tasks are sensitive to certain browsers. I used to use Chrome to complete my tasks and that was fine, and then it wasn’t. I now use Firefox.

– What else? Errrm. If anything else comes to mind, I’ll add it here.


How long it takes per task…

Depends. There were these research tasks that used to take me 5 mins to complete per page. On TreasureTrooper, I’d get them in batches, so it would take longer, roughly 15-20 mins. I’ve stopped doing those. Pays better than most tasks but: a) it can get tedious, and b) I’d get marked wrongly and booted off. Not worth it.

So now I only tend to do the ones where I answer a few questions and I’m done. That takes me about two minutes per task. I get a handful of those a day.


How much I’ve made with Crowdflower tasks…

I’ve been doing Crowdflower tasks for over a year. I’ve earned (as of Nov 2013):

– On Gift Hunter Club – I’ve cashed out a total of $76.00 to date. I’d say about three-quarters of that is Crowdflower tasks, so $57.00.

– On Clixsense$32.71

– On Cashle$28.14


– Survey Mad – 1253 points (equiv to $12.53)

Swagbucks – 1791 swagbucks (about $12.50 — Because I always request Paypal vouchers, the value I get per swagbuck is lower.)

Total made – $161.72

(p.s.: I do most of my Crowdflower tasks on Gift Hunter Club nowadays.)


OK I’m done…

I think Crowdflower tasks are worth doing for a little bit of pocket change – that’s as long as you choose the ones you feel are worth your time (some aren’t, in my opinion, but that’s just me *shrugs*).


Laters, peoplez…

Miss Eb.