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Get Your Cashle On…

(Cashle is now called Points2Shop. Please note that this is an old review, so parts of this may no longer be accurate.)

I joined
Cashle, ummmm let’s see, about a month ago, I think. Cashle’s kinda similar to CashCrate, TreasureTrooper and QuickRewards Network where you get paid to complete certain tasks. On Cashle, you get paid to:

– complete surveys
– complete free and/or paid trials
– complete free offers
– click and view certain sites
– play games
– refer new members to the site

Points and Cash…

For some tasks you complete, you get points. For others, you get cash.

points – Depending on how many points you build up, you can exchange them for prizes on Amazon. There are over a hundred prizes to choose, for e.g., headphones, Xbox products, birthday cards and action figures.

cash – Most of the tasks I’ve seen pay cash ranging from $0.01 all the way up to $2.50 task. However, a lot of them tend to be under $1.00 though.

Who is Cashle open to?

UK, US and Canadian residents. (update: anyone can now join! No longer restricted to UK, US, Canada. Cashle’s now open to all countries.)

And the Minimum Payout?

Well, it depends on the payment methods you request. If you’re like me and you prefer to receive payment via Paypal, then minimum payout is $1.00. For other payment methods:

– Alertpay: $1.00 (paid instantly)
– E-Gold: $0.01
– Liberty Reserve: $0.01
– Cheque: $5.00 (no fee)
– GoDaddy gift certificate: $5.00
– Amazon.co.uk gift card: $10.00
– Gamestop.com gift card: $10.00
– Target.com gift certificate: $10.00
– Best Buy gift card: $10.00
– Future Shop gift card: $30.00

Other info…

– Cashle gives you a free $0.50 just for registering

– I don’t know how long each payment method takes once you request it (apart from AlertPay). I can’t seem to find info about that on the site. It’s probably somewhere. However, when I requested my Paypal payment, I got it the very next day. Not bad, huh? (update – feb ’14: paypal payments are now made instantly.)

– Cashle also owns Points2shop.com and both sites are interconnected in some way. I don’t know the ins and outs of it, but for example, to earn points by playing games, you have to do it through Points2shop.

How Much I’ve Made on Cashle?

I must admit, not much: $1.15 (update: $9.48 as of Sept 2011). I could probably earn more, but completing offers isn’t really something I enjoy doing. However, having completed a few tasks, requested payment and received it fairly quickly, Cashle does appear to be a pretty efficient and scam-free site.

Update – 2nd Feb 2014: in total, I’ve made roughly $45.00 on Cashle. I rarely use the site anymore.