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So, my latest idea is…

Today, I thought about the proofreading site I’ve been using for over a year. I’m wondering how much I can actually make if I leave the site’s work window open all day and do as much of the work that comes through as I can.

I don’t think I’ve ever tried that.

So that’s what I’m doing today. 🙂

I started at 11.45am and will stop at 12 midnight or whenever I go to bed after that (I’m a really late sleeper).

I know I can often make $10 in a day there if I want to. However, I haven’t literally sat there all day to achieve it. How much can I make if I do make myself available most of the day?

We shall see.

The work that flows through isn’t constant; it’s unpredictable. So it’s not as if I’ll be proofing all day. I’ll be doing other things in-between. It’s just that I’m committing to doing as much as is possible today.

Will post an update tomorrow.

(p.s.: if you’d like to find out more about the site I use, read this post).




Proofreading Update…

Just a quick update on how things are going with the proofreading and my aim to make $50 a week.

I’ve accepted the fact that some weeks, I’ll hit my target and some weeks, I won’t. As long as I make $30-$40 a week, I’m good. It’s still more than I’ve been making in a good while.

I’ll still aim for $50 a week, but will be more laid back about it and grateful for what I can make.

This month, I’ve made the following via proofreading:

Week 1 – $41.52

Week 2 – $37.34

Week 3 – $46.00

Week 4 – $41.52

Week 4’s not done yet, and I’m on track to make over $50 (as long as I reach $10 by the end of today or early tomorrow, because the site’s payment run tends to slow down over the weekend – understandably so).


Other Stuff

I’ve gone back to testing work – doing a bit here and there, so there should be a bit of money trickling in from that from the end of the month. Also looking at a couple other things.


Anyway, that’s moi. 🙂



Online Earnings: January 2016

Very pweesed with my lot last month. I made $183.13. Almost all of it was from proofreading, so there’s not much of a breakdown to share.

$180.56 – proofreading.

$2.57 – password-protected blog post about how I make money proofreading.

That’s it. That’s my breakdown. Lol!


Proofreading: $50-a-week challenge…

I hit my target once last month.

Week 1, I made $33.00. Week 2: $41.22. Week 3: $55.86. Week 4: $46.00.

Though $50 a week is possible, and I appreciate making it, I also appreciate the other amounts made. Came in handy last month. Also, by setting myself the challenge, it’s been my highest-earning month since March last year.


What I’ve Learnt From January…

That a step a day amounts to a whole lot when you look back over the month and see how far you’ve come. It all adds up. You did that. You walked it.

That consistency, though boring at times, can be rewarding.


This Month…

Here’s to a fruitful February. I’d like to make more than I did last month. I’d like to be more courageous in the actions I take towards that. I’d like to be my biggest cheerleader, to have the belief that I can bring what I want to life because I can think it and do it.


(**To find out more about the site where I proofread, I have a password-protected post that goes more into it. $3.00 via PayPal gets you access. Also read the following post first.)


Proofreading: I Want to Make $50 a Week. (Update – Week 4)

Missed my target, unfortunately. Was close too. $4.00 close.

At least I know $50 a week is possible as I achieved it in week 3.

I haven’t been able to focus that much this week. Not really with it. Been catching up on sleep too. However, I’ve made/received $8.96, and there’s $9.26 on its way (‘cos lots of work came in this morning).

The irony is that despite the lack of focus, I might end up hitting my target. Think there might be a lesson there somewhere. Maybe it means that sometimes when you loosen your grip, what flows to you has more space to flow to you. Maybe.

Anyway, that’s me. $46.00 made last week.




Proofreading: I Want to Make $50 a Week. (Week 4)

I remember when I decided I wanted to make $50 a week, and I’m in week 4 already.

So far, I’ve made $23.00  There’s also $10.00 on its way ($9.24 after Paypal fees), so once I get that, $32.24.

That averages $10.00 a day this week. 

I do want that to be the norm for me on the site, and perhaps more (depending on how much work flows through and my availability).

I’m starting to find it a bit boring, though, but I think that might partly have to do with my poor sleeping pattern this month. I’ve been staying up much later than usual, not for the proofreading – just the way I’ve been for the past couple of weeks.

Gonna try and make $10.00 today (Thurs) and another tomorrow, then chill over the weekend.

I’ve been exploring other related ways to earn. I found a few video-based English teaching sites, which would have been great for me as I could just make casual conversation and get paid. Unfortunately, I found my internet connection wasn’t speedy enough, so I’ve had to let that idea go.

I found a site similar to the one I’m using. I’ve applied. We’ll see what happens (or doesn’t).

So that’s me. I’m working on consistency – developing one way to earn, getting into a rhythm with it — and then somewhere along the way, exploring something else, another way to earn and seeing if I can build that up the same way.

Hopefully, by the end of next month, I’ll feel more confident that I can make $200 a month with the site I’ve been using. I’ll be so into rhythm that it will feel like less work for the same amount of money, ‘cos I’d be so used to it.

We’ll see.