You Cubez – part 2…

(If you haven’t already, read Part 1 first)

I’ve gotta admit – You Cubez is taking quite a bit of getting my head around – there’s a lot to it – but the more I use it, the more (I think) I understand it.

I’ve tried to write this review as clearly as I can – I hope it clarifies rather than confuses.


You Cubez is a way of advertising your website (via a purchased cube). It’s also a way to earn money along the way. (If you’d like to read about the program from an advertising angle, read this post. I’ll be concentrating on the money-earning aspect).

Now, there are 3 things to bear in mind when using You Cubez:

– Cube Funds
– Account Funds (under the title ‘Account Balance’)
– Real Cash (under the title ‘Your Earnings’)

which are distinct from each other.


Cube Funds isn’t real cash. It’s what You Cubez rewards you with for completing certain tasks. The tasks that reward you with Cube Funds include: getting referrals, logging in, your referrals logging in, clicking other people’s cubes, etc.

So, for instance:

– you get £1’s worth of Cube Funds for every 50 unique people that visit through your referral link. (p.s.: they don’t have to join up)
– you get £1 for each visitor that decides to join up through you
– for every 30 logins you or your referrals make to You Cubez, you get £1 in Cube Funds (limited to 1 unique login a day per person)
– for every 100 Cubez you click, you get £1 (limited to 20 unique cubez a day)

…and the rewards go on…

What I like about this is that you’re rewarded for just about everything you do on the program.


– you can add your Cube Funds to any cubes you’ve already purchased or might purchase. So, for instance, if you buy a £1 cube, and you’ve accumulated £5’s worth of Cube Funds, your cube will be worth £6 and will be in front of someone else’s of less value, therefore making yours more noticeable on the grid of cubes (i.e., sites) displayed.


That’s where the Account Funds come in. Let me explain…

(p.s.: oh, and read no 3 below to find out the money-making potential of Cube Funds)

2) ACCOUNT FUNDS (Account Balance)

Whereas Cube Funds enable you to top up the value of your cube, Account Funds allow you to purchase cubes. You can build up your Account Funds by signing up for offers which reward you with Cube Funds AND Account Funds.

I told myself I wasn’t gonna spend a penny on You Cubez. And I didn’t. By completing offers, I was able to buy my own cube without forking out my own money. Examples of offers you can complete include joining other sites like Pigsback, Toluna, Ipsos, Lightspeed, etc. There are about 20 offers on there – some are only applicable to US or UK residents, but about half can be completed by everyone.

So, for example, for the first offer I completed, I received £12 in Cube Funds and £0.40 in my Account Funds. The more offers I did, the more Cube & Account Funds I got, until I had enough Account Funds to buy my own cube (£1) .


Real Cash comes in two ways:

a) Via a commission cut of any new cubes your referrals buy (I haven’t gotten my head around this bit, yet).


b) when you sell your cube (to another member). Remember all those Cube Funds you’ve been piling onto your cube? That’s the only time your Cube Funds potentially becomes real money. So if you have £20’s worth of Cube Funds on your cube, you can sell your cube for £20 or less.

(Update: there’s now a 3rd way. If you have premium membership, you get real cash when you click on the cubes that have the tap icon over them. It’s not much, probably a penny or less per click, but it can build up.)


I joined last Thursday and so far, I’ve made:

Cube Funds: £58
Account Funds: £2.58
Real Cash: £0.15


Cube funds: I used all my Cube Funds on my cube, so my cube’s now worth £59 (£58 + the £1 I bought it for). I could, therefore, potentially put it up for sale for £59. Whether I’d actually be able to sell it for that much is another.

Account funds: I used £1 to buy a cube so I have £1.58 left. I’m doing more offers to build it up to £2 as I want to try their Premium membership for a month. You get twice the benefits on that. I wanna see how it works.

Real Cash: Though I’ve only made £0.15, the minimum payout is lower (£2) on the Premium membership, compared to the £5 min payout for the Standard membership I’m currently on.


I’m rather cynical at the best of times when I check a program out – waiting for them to prove they’re the fuckers I suspect they are (which they sometimes are) ’til proven otherwise.

But I have to say You Cubez has kept my interest so far. I find it intriguing and even though I’m finding it a bit mind-boggling, I’m enjoying the challenge of trying to figure it out. I can’t say I’ll necessarily stick with the program in the medium/long term, but I’ll hang around for now.

(read final part of review here)

MissEb (she thinks. she farts. she scores.)


  1. Ajith Prasad Edassery

    Good sum up with the second part coming in. My only disapointment with You-cubez so far is that, whatever they mark as All-countries offer are still available for UK only. Because they won’t allow you to complete the sign up without a county and UK pincode.

    PS: Thanks for tracking back, I shoulda done it myself in the first place

  2. 2ThePoint

    Hi Ajith 🙂

    You might wanna contact You-Cubez letting them know about that as they really need to clarify who can sign up to what.

    take care… and have a fab weekend!

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