You Cubez: Hmm, let’s see what ya made of…

I joined a site today called You Cubez. I joined ‘cos this lil big missy here was kinda curious! I’ll be writing a full(er) review on it soon when I’ve gotten my head around how it works. So far, what I know about it is this:

– There are several cubes per page. Quite colourful, actually!

– Each cube represents someone’s website

– You can buy your own cube for your own site (not compulsory though. I haven’t bought one.)

– Joining up was super-duper easy

– I’m assuming they’re British-based ‘cos everything’s in pounds. Being paid in pounds works better for me.

– The program’s open to international users – however, some offers are only exclusive to UK or US residents.

– They’ve already paid me £0.25 ($0.5) for joining up.

– There are cubes with what looks like taps on them. If you click on those, you get paid (not too sure how much yet).

– You also get paid for completing certain tasks. These vary but the one I did paid me £0.40 ($0.80) plus ‘£12 cube funds’. What the ‘cube funds’ mean, I’m not entirely sure. Will fill you in when I find out.

– Minimum payout is £10 (£5 for premium members). (update: it’s now gone down to £6. £3 for premium members)

– They pay via Paypal. (update: They’ve included AlertPay)



I’ve spent about an hour on it and have £0.67 in my account balance and £12 ‘cube funds’. (I’ve since logged off as big momma has other work to do).

We’ll see how it goes.

(Read part 2 of the review)

Laters, y’all. Hug ya shadow.

I’m out…



  1. 2ThePoint

    Monika: Hi, darling, how was the yoga weekend?

    Yes, I do believe I got a bit sidetracked, but it’s all for the greater good of chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!


  2. olive

    Hello.. I have an account in You cubez and i need help. I am so confused because I dont know what “Available to add” add where? For example I have GBP 4.00 for my referral visits and it says there it is availabe to add then a cube id something?? How will I be able to cash it out? This is bad>_

  3. 2ThePoint

    Hi Olive!

    I’ve replied to you in myLot where you posted up. I’ll probably incorporate my answer into my further review of You Cubez on this blog soon, but hope my explanation helped 🙂

    take care and good luck.

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