You-Cubez: a month on…

(p.s.: it might help if you read Part 1 and 2 first before reading this part)

You-Cubez is not a moneymaker by a long shot (that’s not its primary focus). But it will get you traffic if that’s what you’re looking for. After Google, I’ve been getting most of my traffic from You-Cubez.

A couple of tips that might prove useful to you:

– Even with a broadband connection, You-Cubez can run really really really slow at times. The good news is that they’re upgrading their servers very soon, so hopefully that should speed things up a bit.

– when you’re doing paid clicks, you have to click on the ‘Click Me Now’ button quite quickly or else a ‘Too Late’ response will appear and you don’t get any credit. (update: that doesn’t happen anymore – take your time)

– I’ve found upgrading to premium membership is worth it as I get double what I’d normally get (for e.g., rather than getting £1 in cube funds for every referral that becomes a member, I get £2). I upgraded to Premium just to test it out. I haven’t spent a penny buying it, but have sourced it via paid clicks and completing offers. I’ll probably do it again next month if I have enough cube funds.

– On the subject of completing offers, I’ve had a couple of times where I’ve assumed I’ve done everything required only to be told that I haven’t. The first time it happened, I went back and forth with You-Cubez via email and they decided to approve it as a goodwill gesture (which was nice of them to do). However, it’s happened a few more times and I’m sure on those occasions, I’ve done everything to the letter. I’ve chosen not to chase it up as more times than not, my offers have been approved. I also can’t be bothered, either – don’t think it’s worth it. But it’s something for you to watch out for if you choose to complete offers. Keep a record of all the emails you receive when you complete an offer just to back yourself up should it become a problem in the future (and should you decide to chase it up with You-Cubez).

– Though my cube is worth £96 and I can sell it for that amount if I choose, the chances are I won’t get it for that. I went through the list of cubes people have sold in the past and the most someone’s sold theirs for is £49. That was last year. This year, the most has been around £30. There is no direct correlation between how much a cube is worth and how much it’s been sold for. The one that was sold for £49 was worth £109 and the one sold for £30 was worth £1976.00. So I guess it might depend on demand and luck.



I plan on sticking with You-Cubez for a bit longer, particularly because it’s getting me traffic. Also, once I figured out how it worked, I found I didn’t need to spend as much time on it. I’m on it for 10/15 minutes most days and that’s it, so it’s no significant dent in my day.


Have a fantastic weekend, y’all …sugar it brown.



  1. 2ThePoint

    Hi Ajith 🙂

    I’m sorry that was your experience with You-Cubez. When you say ‘a pound gone’, didn’t you try to sell your cube?

    I’ve been so busy lately, SurveySavvy’s been the last thing on my mind. Will get to them at some point if/when I have the time.

    take care…

  2. 2ThePoint

    Ajith, I hear you. Sorry about that, though.

    Petula, I’d never heard of You-Cubez either til about a month ago. Not sure how long I’ll stick with them, but they’re getting me traffic so it’s all good.

    take care, you two…

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