Yay!, Got Paid By Earnawad!

Got a £15 ($24.85) cheque from Earnawad.com the other day. Definitely not to be spat at as that’s my week’s shopping right there (plus change). Besides, who wants a spit-soaked cheque anyway? (Actually, I take it back. There are some odd fetishes out there. Maybe there’s a guy out there that gets off on licking cheques ’til the ink starts to run. Who knows?)

Anyway, ahem…

So what’s Earnawad, then?

Earnawad is a cashback site. You shop online at a select number of stores and get some of your money back on the purchase. Another way of putting it: if you’re gonna buy something online, you might as well get a discount for it (which is what cashback effectively is). Percentage cashback on Earnawad can range from 2% to 50%.

Some of the sites that you can get cashback deals on via Earnawad include Sainsbury’s, eBay.co.uk and HMV.com.

Can Anyone Join…

No, I’m afraid. UK (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland) residents only.

Minimum Payout:

…is £15 – paid by cheque. Cheques aren’t sent out automatically, you have to request it – but once you do, it takes up to 14 days to reach you. Earnawad does its payment run b/w the 10th and 18th of every month.

How to Earn Money on Earnawad Without Spending…

There are a few ways to earn money on Earnawad without buying a thing:

1) Welcome Bonus: When you first join, you get a £2.50 welcome bonus.

2) Free Offers: There are several free offers you can complete in exchange for a cash reward. Most pay b/w £0.15 and £25.00 per completed offer. I’ve never done any high-end offers as I suspect there’s a lot more involved like a trial offer, for instance, where you have to give your credit/debit card details and cancel before the trial offer’s up. It’s a personal choice on my part.

3) Surveys: Once a month or so, you have the opportunity to complete an Earnawad survey. Very quick and painless. Pays b/w £0.50-£0.75 per survey.

4) Instant Click Rewards: This is a paid-to-click section. You click and visit a site and get paid for it (mostly 5 pence per click). You can’t get paid twice for clicking on the same link. The section is really not that active anymore. There used to be a handful of links on there and a few fresh links that would be added every now and then. Now there are only 2 links (worth 7 pence in total) and it’s been like that for a good couple of months.

5) Profile Update: If you need to update your profile, you get 10 pence when you do.

6) Write Reviews: Yep, Earnawad pays for reviews. It’s the first cashback site I’ve come across that does that. It’s a relatively new addition to the site. For each accepted review, you’re paid b/w £1.50 and £3.50. Each review has to be around 300 words and you’re given 7 days to complete it. The review requests that appear to be on there are for Holidays and Mobile Phones (PAYG/Contract). I don’t know if they plan on adding other areas. Currently, there are 44 writing opps in the Holidays section and 4 in the Mobile Phones section. Most if not all of the titles in the Holiday section are for popular tourist spots in Spain.

Took Some Time…

I never really used Earnawad that often which is why it took a while for me to reach payout. Whenever I did log on, I just stuck to doing the free offers, the occasional surveys and the clicks. I’ve never been to Spain, neither do I have any experience of the mobile phones listed, so the review-writing aspect is no good to me as an earner. Now I have the cheque though, I’m kinda grateful as the money will come in handy. The timing’s good.

And now for my shopping list. Tiramisu? Check. Chicken wings? Check. Tiramisu? Check. (repetition’s not a misprint). Bottled water? Naaaaah. Too healthy. Tiram…


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